Wich way to go and where to turn?

Well, with a LOT of help we now have the mud
up and running, we have an enthusiastic coder
and we have someone who is familiar with world
and who has the files needed.

However a pretty large dilemma still looms around
the corner. Elite has gone through many changes and
the one that is personally most appealing to me
is where you can have three different classes.

However, in a later stage you could only have 1
class, retaining a few aspects of your previous

I guess both sides has their pros and cons really
for naming a few, the completed eq contra redo the
eq, the mobs balance contra player abilities.

It’s not a small project either way. And tonight
I will try one last time to get the playerfiles
from the older system. I could if course talk to the
previous implementor regarding the playerfiles, but those
would be for the new single class system, or hope
that Tim pulls through and hands over some player files
that are compatible with the system we now use.

I can understand people wanting their old characters
back, seeing as there is a lot of time invested in them
and with the games that are around these days, most likely
elite will be more of a nostalgic chatroom with game
capabilities. But who knows really.

I have been thinking on what I wanted this to
be really, and there are a few changes that
I want to make regardless of what type of system
I get inserted, and wether or not I get the player
files, and I will get to that later.

The biggest hurdle really is, what system to choose.
I keep coming back to side issues that would need
to be adressed regardless of the system I choose
and its sort of tearing me apart really.

I guess I will have to think about it when I get home

Take care peeps