De flesta som har en domän känner igen sig. Man har en domän och där finns en e-postadress
registrerad. Till den e-postadressen kommer mer eller mindre spam och scam mail MEN för
en del personer kan även stora problem och kostnader komma till den adressen. Ett bra
exempel är när det kommer “en faktura för en domän” som faktiskt verkar vara en av de
domäner som man faktiskt kan tänkas inneha, speciellt om man har ett spektrum av domäner
för att täcka in.

Den här kom till min jobbadress idag:





Den ser ganska legitim ut, inte sant. Om man inte är medveten om priset för domäner så
finns risken att man betalar de där 75 dollar som är “fakturan” Notera att det faktiskt
står längre ner att det är ett erbjudande, men jag misstänker att det är enbart för att inte bli
stämd så hårt att skjortan flyger av. Det som dock är chockerande är just priset. 75 dollar.
Det är 634 kronor för ett domännamn. Samma domännamn skulle kosta 53 spänn hos
GoDaddy, eller om man föredrar en svensk aktör, 99 spänn hos Binero eller 179 hos Loopia.

Så istället för att blint lita på att det är en faktura. Läs. Kolla vart det kommer ifrån. Är det något
företag som du faktiskt har kontakt med? låter inte direkt som något
jag haft affärer med. Så .. läs igenom saker, fundera på äktheten INNAN man tar fram kortet.

Controlfreaks with power

Controlfreaks with power

So, I guess that you have noticed the changes that takes place on all the services that enables you to stream media from their sites. I am talking about Spotify, Youtube and similar services that used to be great, but is in the range of “OK” services.

Why has it lowered itself in my opinions? Well, censorship naturally.
How often havent you made a list on youtube that you liked with various clips and after a few days, this list has been totally cut asunder due to the fact that you live in a region where this clip is not allowed to be shown?

You would think that the exposure that the artist and companies gets via the Youtube movie might be worth something, after all, its free PR, but no, apparently we are to be controlled as to what we are allowed to see. On top of that, there are services that are not even dependant on uploading from users, such as spotify, where lists get thrown off just because this month, this tune is removed and so on and so forth. What the hell? After all, spotify is actually a legit service and in a large part RUN by the same record companies that owns the copyright to this particular song.

Now, I can understand some of it, as in if people upload entire episodes of TV shows, or entire movies, but
what the hell? Removing things for the sake of being able to? Isn’t that really just another form of abuse?
There is a fair use policy, and I can understand that part aswell, where you only use parts of a song or
stuff like that, but let me give you a very good example.

There is a pretty popular oriental kids show, probably japanese but I am not sure, called “Pythagoras Switch”
They made their own little hit with The logical march, you can google it if you wish, and a friend of mine, Physica
together with one of his friends, made a complete remix of the logical march into a techno thing, and uploaded
it to youtube. Basically the video was cut to shreds, audio transformed and the original credits was still intact
BUT it still got removed. Why? Because they could.

There needs to be a change in how copyright is upheld and how it is to be maintained and soon.
Pirate parties are springing up in several nations and that alone should tell the companies that
people are getting sick and tired of being run over for the sake of profit when it comes to creativity.

Just my thoughts.

Trains, Planes and… nope

Not been a good morning today. As you know, most often I take a train to work
and swedens railroad companies are, well, lets just say their time tables isn’t
exactly accurate and leave it at that.

I leave home in good time, drive to the trainstation and park the car, walk to the ticket
machine and swipe my card. No admittance. Well, this was kinda expected as its about time
to renew the monthly card. So, went inside, and what do I see? The train is, as usual,
delayed. It’s time is now 7:41. Well, that it is an “OK” time as that makes me pretty
much get to work just a few minutes late, about 5 or 6. My bosses are understanding
to my late comings due to trains but really, it bugs me to be late. So, I walk
out to the platform, and start to wait. And wait…. And waaaaaaaaaait. 7:52 the
train rolls in. A quick door opening and off we go. By now, I am pretty steaming
due to the lateness, but I am as always, polite to the personel at the train.

I start to listen to a popular radio station, Mix megapol, the reasons are that
they are the ones who have the best reception if you want to listen to anything
but classic music or foreign languages, and the pleasant voiced host talks
about this and that between songs.

I roll into Västerås waay to late for my taste and pretty much more or less runs
towards work (have I mentioned that I hate to be late) And when I do, I cross a huge
gravel parking lot. About this time, the host of the show starts talking about
trainrides and I feel that spark of ire reach some tinder and starts to smoulder.
Then comes the kicker.

“There has probably been a lot of good things with train rides, text message us
with your story of how good trainrides are”

I almost exploded then and there.

The reason for this is that the entire winter, the swedish railways have had problems,
Multitudes of trains have been cancelled and not a single one has left on time as it
should, when they have left at all, and since then, the entire infrastructure has been
shot to hell in a handbasket. An estimate is that about 1 in every 5 morning that I
go by train, the train leaves on time, and someone wants me to sit down, relax and
have a good time on a train ride? What the hell.

If my boss starts to withdraw from my paycheck, can I demand that from the swedish
railway companies. Noooooooo. Let’s say that I was my own employee as a consultant,
would the swedish railways hire someone that is late more often then not due to
someone elses fault? I mean, after a while it just sounds like a bad excuse, no matter
how true it really is and that rails me.

Imagine the consultant who lives by the three pillars of “Punctuality”, “Thouroughness”
and “Completion”

First off, he will loose some of his reputation for not being able to present the first,
the second will take a hit because you cant be thourough if you constantly worry about time
and the completion will be suffering because every week, 1-2 hours will mysteriously dissapear
due to commuting problems and that could seriously hamper critical systems. And what does
the railway companies do? Not a frigging thing. Not even, despite having a large IT
section, do they continously update train departures so that people would be able to
see if it is a waste of time to wait for the train, OR reimburse costs for gasoline
due to being forced to take a car to work. How’s that in your eye, enviromentalist party?

Shameless advertising for a brand I personally dislike. (Win an iPad)

How is that even possible? Well, it is for a good cause and a few of my coworkers
seems to like fruitsalads,  so here goes. You, yeah, you *points with the entire hand*
have the chance to win a free iPad and will get it delivered as soon as they have
reached the swedish apple stores, you will however be requested for something for it.

No, it has nothing to do with surveys, reading advertising, spreading on facebook or whatnot.
It requires that you know a geek friend that is very good with computers and servers,
regardless of OS on said computers, has experience with different programming languages
and who will answer correctly if someone suddenly yells “SYN!” A person devoid of social life
is pref.. never mind,that it was a lame try at a pun, seeing as I myself doesnt have much of a
social life anymore.

But if the person that you recommend to us gets an employment as a server techie you will get
your own flashy (i cant believe I am doing this!) and neat iPad. Sounds too good to be true?
I know, it actually does but for a change, it’s is actually true and I will put my solemn word down
on this, aswell as my never before used consience (so its as clean as a whistle)

Oh, and I know that some of you think that having ECDL or similar makes you an excellent candidate,
I can assure you that you need a lot more then that. Try to explain what cascade constraints are for
MySQL, or how to do a backup on a Linux machine with RSYNC. Click HERE to see the answer in syntax form

Or how to create a two dimensional array from two single dimensional array in perl
Answer is HERE

Do you think that you know someone who can solve these kinds of things without cheating
and looking on the answers? Visit this page: Arbeta på Loopia and fill
in the details for us and *puts on his best gameshow host voice* YOU! could be the winner of a brand
new, shimmering, glittering iPad, packed with the latest OS from Apple Computers!

*Switches into TV-Shoppers mode* So, what are you waiting for, if you dial in today, we will also
throw in this extremely honorable thought from the staff! As if that was not enough,
we will also throw in a free supply of air *its being created in the amazon as we speak and will be delivered
via standard air currents*.


I do love the wordpress system, but sometimes, just sometimes weird errors pops up.

Like this place for instance, you may notice that there has been some slight changes, most to the better
some though are for the worse, for instance, I need to recreate my “installing wordpress” guides and the
download section for my wordpress themes (I am on it, never fear) but the reason for it was a weird error
in wordpress itself. The whole thing showed when I tried to upgrade wordpress in itself, or a plugin, it seemed
that the wordpress installation didnt find its own directory on my server. Every time I tried, I got the message
“WordPress cant find plugin directory” and a nice abortive message.

It really spoked my wheel and I figured “screw it” and dumped the entire database, and did a nice little
wipe of my wordpress installation. Recreated the account (Ill tell you about it in a second) and tried the same thing.

Why did I recreate the account, well, my server is set up so that when I create a user on it, the user gets
a home folder in the correct place and an it copies in wordpress from a skeleton folder. However, and this is
entirely my own fault, it is an older version of wordpress, so you need to update that manually right now.
It also copies over some good plug-ins like wp-cumulus and wp-recaptcha and a bunch of my themes.
What is left is for the user to download wp-confing-sample.php, edit that to the details i hand out and you
are good to go.

So, thats what I did. I deleted the account, deleted the home folder and recreated it.
Would you believe that I got the same error?

I scoured the web for solutions and there was a few, none of them worked however, then for
some spontaneus reason, the wordpress installation decided it wanted to work again.
So, here I am, scratching my head wondering what the hell was wrong, and no way of checking it
unless I want to wade through apache error log, and that wont happen until I get a major error.

Oh well, keep shinin out there.

And it really gets me going.

A few posts back I started ranting about “Googlebrains”. Well, the more I think about it, the more the
term catches on. Think about it. What is happening with the surfing on the web? It is no longer surfing
as it was, its now “Googling” and really, you can build a new browser without an adress field, because
really, people seems to not care what a domain name is, you can now collect every single frigging
website within googles server and rename the internet to “GooglePlex” … oh shit. Dont tell google because
they will try to create it.

So, lets cancel all domain names, because they are no longer relevant as people wont use them anyhow,
and at the same time, remove creative naming, because since everything is more or less surfed on through
Google, a number based on visitors should be used, and since it doesnt really matter what number you
have because Google almighty will index this themselves in real time, you can use GoogleEngineOptimization
to get more visitors and the one that has the lowest number wins! And in reality, this too wont matter because
the 100 lowest numbers will be pornsites no matter what other people do.

People, wake up and smell the coffee!

Domain names are there for a reason, they tell you where things are located. Lets review the basics of a domain name
and what it is. Take for instance this blog. This blog has a few adresses but the most used is “”

http:// means that we are using the protocol named “hypertext transport protocol”
blog is a subdomain of the domain:
zutgorak wich is situation within the:
.se country toplevel domain.

It is even clearer if you take an e-mail adress.

Person situated at the hotmail server in the .com Generic TopLevel Domain.

Makes sense doesnt it?

When some  people “surf” they wasting time by first surfing to then
typing in, in some cases, even the correct adress that they are supposed to surf to, then
waiting for Google’s loading time, then locating the correct URL because it is not certain
that the adress that you want is the first link that shows up, then clicking on it, and ending
up at the wrong page anyhow because the link that you clicked leads to a subpage and
forced to do the same thing over again but choosing a different link, when the only thing needed
is to locate the adress bar and typing in “” where the series of X is
the adress you want to go to. Is that so hard?

We need to raise the awareness of how a webbrowser works, and more importantly, how
a search engine works and HOW TO USE IT CORRECTLY!

Enough ranting for today. Lets go.