Googling is a waste of time

Googling is a waste of time

You hear me? It’s a waste of time! How so? Well let me explain it a little bit.
I am not talking about using Google correctly, but rather they way that people
today tend to use Google. The company itself is a huge success and albeit it has
had some flops (Google Wave, anyone?) it has all in all created a suite that
has made the former software giants tremble in their boots. Kudos to em I say!
But, the term “googling” has surfaced for a reason. It is used instead of “searching”.

That in itself is a testament to the impact Google has had on the common mind.
I am not sure wich searchengine that delivers the most accurate search results
and I really dont mind scrolling a little to find whatever I am looking for, however
what I do hate is blaring ads everywhere that takes away my focus from what I am
doing and that is why I started using Google way back when. Yes, I use it myself.

However, with Google a few negative things has come into play.
First out, the Googlebrains

Now, for some reason these people are the biggest timewasters on the planet to anyone
who has ever worked where URLs are involved. First off they seem to think that Google
actually IS the internet. Well, here is a newsflash. Its not. Internet is older then Google.
Second, Google may be a big, even the biggest, company regarding the ‘net but it doesnt
control it unless you let it.

Now, here is a pet peeve. Googling a URL.
DONT! It is a major time waster. Someone sent you the URL for a reason and most likely
that reason is for you to save time, instead of locating the correct URL, they simply handed
it to you. And here are the 2 scenarios that takes place:
1. You click the URL or paste it into the adressbar of your browser and voila! You are on the correct page.

2. You browse to,
copy the link, in some cases even painstakingly type the URL into the search bar and hit “search”
You find something that resembles what you look for, click it, and ends up at another page that
was not the one you needed/wanted and you do the whole procedure again.
Stop it already!

Google really should have educations in “Using searchengines 101” or at least push this URL more:

Now, imagine this: You are on a tight schedule, you are just about to leave, and you work
with telephone support for this or that product, and you know that the correct answer
is on a short and handy URL.

Stressed as you are, you hand the URL to the caller and you can actually HEAR how this
person uses google for the URL, then reads out loud on a vastly different topic. If you are
lucky, it may be on the correct domain, but totally wrong information. so, you have to do it
over and over again. Instead of a 2 minute conversation, you end up having a 15 minute
conversation and STILL have to explain the why and how of the question at hand and you
have missed your bus home.

Welcome to the real world.

I think I have got most out of my system now, but I may break out more on this
when my mood goes sour.

Ya all take care now.


Wasn’t the URL clear enough for people? Take a look at this:


Good question

Good question

But the answer is PROFIT and GREED. What was the question? Take a look at this one:

Very often you hear that the price for CDs are high due to shipping, ARTWORK! casing, actual cost
of discs etc etc. But here, you have the exact same price, for one with the above mentioned, and
one without!

Would you go to the pastry shop and by two cakes, exactly the same on the inside, but one does
not have any glacing what so ever, and you still pay the same, full price for it? Does that make sense?

Seriously now! Give me a way to generate a revenue stream to the ARTISTS that I wish to
support without going through greedy companies that thing censorship is the best thing
ever since sliced bread and I will do so. Flattr is one way i guess.

What’s up with the giant?

What’s up with the giant?

Well, it appears that facebook is down, however it seems that every site checker that I check tells
me that its up, even a speedtest through Pingdom “” shows me that it’s
online and operational. This was weird really, but how can that be? Well, they could be hammered
by a ddos attack and closed countries IP, however, I cant really see the status of that, another might
be a faulty DNS somewhere along they way. Whatever reason, I would like to know seeing as I can
harass people online without it. Take care now

Oh, come on already. You gotta be kidding!

Oh, come on already. You gotta be kidding!

According to CopySweden, Home burned CDs are at a new low and they
are looking to generate income from other storagemedi…..

We already pay unknown people to be able to store our vacation photos
and whatnot just for the sake of the “Possibility to use to store copywrited
material” and we also get flooded with the latest commercials when
listening to music on the radio. Now they want to add the SAME PENALTY
ON MEMORYCARDS?!? They have got to be joking but alas, I am pretty
damned sure they are not.

Seriously, just because YOU CAN doesnt mean YOU WILL!
I have the equipment to rape hundreds of women every year, aswell
as with my bare hands strangling and beating people to pulps but
does that mean I should serve a preemptive lifetime sentance in
jail, or better yet, seeing as you could count it into possible
thousands of victims, be dragged to the tribunal in Haag
and condemned to death for crimes against the human race
just because I HAVE THE ABILITY TO?

We already pay a license to HAVE a TV, regardless if we watch it or not
or, even if we only have it plugged in to the TV to have that GLORIOUS
image when playing games, but hey … we have to pay for 2 channels that
hasn’t produced anything viewable since the late 70’s when Lennart Hyland
went into retirement aint that good for something?

Either way I turn, there crops up new fees for this and that, I am sure that
pretty soon there will be an “arm bending tax” wich will be calculated on
how many times you lift your arm to speak into your mobile phone, and a hefty
fee will be added to the bluetooth headsets because they make it possible to
circumvent the tax laws. Hows that for a treat?

So in essence, if you can store ANY data on a device, you will, in the future
have to pay a fee for the filesharers that potentially may use this device
to store copywrighted material. Just so you know, in theory, you could store
information in a standard digital wristwatch…….

Wich means, anything that has any form of storage, as long as you in one
way or another, will be getting this new fee… lets hope pacemakers doesnt
have any chips that you can access.

Here we go again!

I think you may have noticed the blog being down for a while, well, unfortunaly, my serverprovider
managed to get tons of hardware burned out and the as… wait a minute.. thats me!

Seriously though what happened was that I was working on something from work, and suddenly the machine
started getting more and more sluggish and I figured something was up but couldnt pinpoint it straight off.
I had Linda reboot the machine and it came to the loading screen and there it froze. We tried a few times
more when she said, and I quote: “It sounds a lot less and smell burnt”! So naturally I told her to shut it off.

I came home and started scrounging up every spare piece of hardware I could lay my hands on and changed
pretty much everything in the damn chassi but it refused to boot, so today I went and fetched another little
heap and moved over the discs and voila .. case closed, server online.

Lets hope this thing holds the same time that the old one.. 3 years on 500 SEK aint bad.

Lazy Fingers

I know that most people doesn’t have that itch to write like some of us who has blogs for the sheer joy
of writing, but I see that people visit this place on more or less a daily basis and really, is it so hard
to write a comment that you like what you read, or input your thoughts on the matter that I am currently
writing about. I can see that some posts have had quite a lot of reading, but not a single little comment.
Why is that?

Is it the fact that there is a captcha? Sorry people, but seeing the amount of spam that this blog gets,
its either that or drown in spam comments and frankly, how good would that look when I dont have
the energy to sift through all the spam to post comments?

I really enjoy input. Both negative and positive and really, as long as the comment has something to
add, I dont care if it rails against how wrong I may be because they add another view in the matter
and can therefore be valuable in its own right. I dont believe in censorship, never have, and I wont
implement it just to dodge a comment that isn’t agreeing with me.

So please, when I am in the wrong, start a discussion about it. I am not that narrow minded to say
that I can’t be wrong. Or, when I am right, tell me about that so that I can keep on going.
I write for my own pleasure, but also for your entertainment.