I think you may have noticed the blog being down for a while, well, unfortunaly, my serverprovider
managed to get tons of hardware burned out and the as… wait a minute.. thats me!

Seriously though what happened was that I was working on something from work, and suddenly the machine
started getting more and more sluggish and I figured something was up but couldnt pinpoint it straight off.
I had Linda reboot the machine and it came to the loading screen and there it froze. We tried a few times
more when she said, and I quote: “It sounds a lot less and smell burnt”! So naturally I told her to shut it off.

I came home and started scrounging up every spare piece of hardware I could lay my hands on and changed
pretty much everything in the damn chassi but it refused to boot, so today I went and fetched another little
heap and moved over the discs and voila .. case closed, server online.

Lets hope this thing holds the same time that the old one.. 3 years on 500 SEK aint bad.