I know that most people doesn’t have that itch to write like some of us who has blogs for the sheer joy
of writing, but I see that people visit this place on more or less a daily basis and really, is it so hard
to write a comment that you like what you read, or input your thoughts on the matter that I am currently
writing about. I can see that some posts have had quite a lot of reading, but not a single little comment.
Why is that?

Is it the fact that there is a captcha? Sorry people, but seeing the amount of spam that this blog gets,
its either that or drown in spam comments and frankly, how good would that look when I dont have
the energy to sift through all the spam to post comments?

I really enjoy input. Both negative and positive and really, as long as the comment has something to
add, I dont care if it rails against how wrong I may be because they add another view in the matter
and can therefore be valuable in its own right. I dont believe in censorship, never have, and I wont
implement it just to dodge a comment that isn’t agreeing with me.

So please, when I am in the wrong, start a discussion about it. I am not that narrow minded to say
that I can’t be wrong. Or, when I am right, tell me about that so that I can keep on going.
I write for my own pleasure, but also for your entertainment.