Sometimes you wish that time was a little more on your side and you didnt have to work to
the extent that is generally the consensus of the general populace. I think that a 32 hour
day would suit me better, but that would also require that the work hours stay the same
as I really would need to adjust my daytime to exist of more then work, kids and sleep but
alas that will never happen. I guess I am stuck in this Loop for a while but hey, as long as
I can handle it, I will keep struggling with it.

It has been an interresting week to say the least with at least two deaths occuring
of people that will be missed throughout the world. One, I have already written about,
Mr Ronnie James Dio. The small man with the massive voice but the other is
not so known, although a lot of people has actually seen his work. I am talking
about the painter Frank Frazzetta wich has made a whole heap of fantasy book covers,
among a few are the character named Elric aswell as one of the black riders for the DnD books
and I cant for the life of me remember wich one. So guys, here’s your toast and your
dirge all baked into one. Rock On!