Katie Goldman is a different little girl, in fact, so different that I in some ways
envy her.

Katie Goldman


She has her starwars motifed water bottle to school, have a starwars backpack,
and some anonymous boy tries to taunt her for it claiming its a bottle for boys, not little
10 year old girls. Now first off, to Katie I want to say this: Stand up for your right
to be an individual. Keep being someone who stands out of a crowd because that
will get you further in life then just being one in a crowd that looks like another
cookie cutter figure. To the little boy who tried to bully her regarding the water bottle
I want to say this: I know you are jealous of Katies waterbottle, but why not ask
Katie where her mother bought hers so you can get one just the same and
you both can be cool starwars fans together?

Oups, sidetracked there. Back on track.
It seems that this incident more or less made it to the huffington post, one of the most
read blogs online, if not the most read, and was written about there and the response
was quite overwhelming. Thousands of starwars geeks wrote on a facebook page that
in homage of Katie, they would wear starwars clothes and many of them even posted
pictures online, like this one:

This one was sent by @soozenw’

I am guessing its his/her kid and I must say I love it.

Anyhow, it seems that more then 33000 people took an interrest in little Katie’s plight and
I am one of them. Katie, the best of luck from a fellow starwars geek and i must say, the force is
strong in this one.

Katie’s mom asked “is this how it starts?”

Well Carrie, that depends on what “it” is. It could have been the start of a downward spiral, however,
“it” turned out to be a flood of well wishings and support to a little star wars fan, who suddenly got
33000 supporters that wants nothing more then show your little girl