A while back I wrote a post called Sarkozy, the enemy of the internet nicolas-sarkozy
about how the french want to start disconnecting
people who fileshare over the internet. This was a
highly controversial thing to say and in my ears,
pure stupidity. Why let the hobbypolice that resides
within the media industry waltz around doing
whatever it wants and without much proof, and remove
peoples way to interact with eachother?

Now, some people say “they have evidence”. Of course
they do .. they have screenshots.. COME ON! I have
shown you multiple times how easy those are to forge.
“They have logs” you say? Oh, and a text file cant be
changed? Really. We all know that the media industry
will go to any extent to “prove” that someone is sharing
material that they feel that they have the supreme
control over.

Today, this controversial “law” was put to the vote in
france and believe it or not, it was voted down. Such
a defeat for Sarkozy, hopefully it was humiliating aswell.
If you are swedish, you can read more HERE
I can’t say that I know much of the grander things the
french has done, but I know now, that they CAN do
good things and do sensible things, aside from art.

So, to all you french people who thwarted the enemy of the internet again
I salute you.