Shameless advertising for a brand I personally dislike. (Win an iPad)

How is that even possible? Well, it is for a good cause and a few of my coworkers
seems to like fruitsalads,  so here goes. You, yeah, you *points with the entire hand*
have the chance to win a free iPad and will get it delivered as soon as they have
reached the swedish apple stores, you will however be requested for something for it.

No, it has nothing to do with surveys, reading advertising, spreading on facebook or whatnot.
It requires that you know a geek friend that is very good with computers and servers,
regardless of OS on said computers, has experience with different programming languages
and who will answer correctly if someone suddenly yells “SYN!” A person devoid of social life
is pref.. never mind,that it was a lame try at a pun, seeing as I myself doesnt have much of a
social life anymore.

But if the person that you recommend to us gets an employment as a server techie you will get
your own flashy (i cant believe I am doing this!) and neat iPad. Sounds too good to be true?
I know, it actually does but for a change, it’s is actually true and I will put my solemn word down
on this, aswell as my never before used consience (so its as clean as a whistle)

Oh, and I know that some of you think that having ECDL or similar makes you an excellent candidate,
I can assure you that you need a lot more then that. Try to explain what cascade constraints are for
MySQL, or how to do a backup on a Linux machine with RSYNC. Click HERE to see the answer in syntax form

Or how to create a two dimensional array from two single dimensional array in perl
Answer is HERE

Do you think that you know someone who can solve these kinds of things without cheating
and looking on the answers? Visit this page: Arbeta på Loopia and fill
in the details for us and *puts on his best gameshow host voice* YOU! could be the winner of a brand
new, shimmering, glittering iPad, packed with the latest OS from Apple Computers!

*Switches into TV-Shoppers mode* So, what are you waiting for, if you dial in today, we will also
throw in this extremely honorable thought from the staff! As if that was not enough,
we will also throw in a free supply of air *its being created in the amazon as we speak and will be delivered
via standard air currents*.

Here we go again!

I think you may have noticed the blog being down for a while, well, unfortunaly, my serverprovider
managed to get tons of hardware burned out and the as… wait a minute.. thats me!

Seriously though what happened was that I was working on something from work, and suddenly the machine
started getting more and more sluggish and I figured something was up but couldnt pinpoint it straight off.
I had Linda reboot the machine and it came to the loading screen and there it froze. We tried a few times
more when she said, and I quote: “It sounds a lot less and smell burnt”! So naturally I told her to shut it off.

I came home and started scrounging up every spare piece of hardware I could lay my hands on and changed
pretty much everything in the damn chassi but it refused to boot, so today I went and fetched another little
heap and moved over the discs and voila .. case closed, server online.

Lets hope this thing holds the same time that the old one.. 3 years on 500 SEK aint bad.


I do love the wordpress system, but sometimes, just sometimes weird errors pops up.

Like this place for instance, you may notice that there has been some slight changes, most to the better
some though are for the worse, for instance, I need to recreate my “installing wordpress” guides and the
download section for my wordpress themes (I am on it, never fear) but the reason for it was a weird error
in wordpress itself. The whole thing showed when I tried to upgrade wordpress in itself, or a plugin, it seemed
that the wordpress installation didnt find its own directory on my server. Every time I tried, I got the message
“WordPress cant find plugin directory” and a nice abortive message.

It really spoked my wheel and I figured “screw it” and dumped the entire database, and did a nice little
wipe of my wordpress installation. Recreated the account (Ill tell you about it in a second) and tried the same thing.

Why did I recreate the account, well, my server is set up so that when I create a user on it, the user gets
a home folder in the correct place and an it copies in wordpress from a skeleton folder. However, and this is
entirely my own fault, it is an older version of wordpress, so you need to update that manually right now.
It also copies over some good plug-ins like wp-cumulus and wp-recaptcha and a bunch of my themes.
What is left is for the user to download wp-confing-sample.php, edit that to the details i hand out and you
are good to go.

So, thats what I did. I deleted the account, deleted the home folder and recreated it.
Would you believe that I got the same error?

I scoured the web for solutions and there was a few, none of them worked however, then for
some spontaneus reason, the wordpress installation decided it wanted to work again.
So, here I am, scratching my head wondering what the hell was wrong, and no way of checking it
unless I want to wade through apache error log, and that wont happen until I get a major error.

Oh well, keep shinin out there.