Sitting at home, and looking outside the window and all I see is white. White and cold.
Right now the thermometer shows me 12.7 below, and we need to get more milk. Guess
who will have to stick their nose out into that blistering cold and walk to the store?
It looks alright, but seriously, you become a popsicle the minute you poke your
face outside the door.
Here is a view from outside my job.

It was alright when it was around 5 degrees below, but this is really a little too cold for my
leather jacket to handle and I am not sure that I can find a jacket that is thicker since ive
gotten accustomed to the milder winters.

On to something funny.
Alice Cooper was in Sweden, and he made 2 gigs. 1 in gothenburg and 1 in Västerås, and me and
my VERY pregnant girlfriend went to the last one. The old coot still has power in his pipes, let me
tell you that. He brought Electric Boys with him as a crowd warmer, but lets face it, they are
good if you consider the playing technique and all, but not really my cup of tea. They played their
two hits “Lips and hips” and “Electrified” but for some reason i felt most of them lacked the glow
for playing on that large a stage. Except the baseplayer who seemed to enjoy himself fully.

Alice did a nice concert and the executions that he incorporated in this show included a hanging,
the guilliotine and also him showing a large steel pole into some minions chest, all with the same
flair that has come to be the trademark of his name.

There where only 2 things that I missed in that show to make it perfect for me. First off,
“Feed my frankenstein”. He could have inserted that song at about 3 songs from the last
just to raise the room since the song itself is fast, heavy and packs a helluva punch that very
well might have lifted the roof.

Second, Alice had a song that didn’t do to well, The only place it did do well was actually
in sweden. The song is “He’s Back” aka The man behind the mask. That could have
made the whole audience sing with him.

Other then that, the show was packed with theatrics, acting and music. Everything that you have
come to expect from a performer (Note that I wont say “Singer” here, because that would be unjust.)
such as Alice Cooper.