Yes, I am serious, but not to fight crime, but to be above the law
as is the current suggestion. In an article in Aftonbladet (
Maria Larsson suggests that policemen will be able to confiscate material
that is currently legal but MAY BECOME classified as narcotics. Ok, the
scare here isn’t that people might loose their prescription meds but rather
the corruption that this invites to. If someone gets into their heads to
confiscate something, regardless of substance type without support of
the law, you are inviting the fact that this will escalate, some people
take the common “Car parralell” that the police will impound sportscars
to reduce speeding and such nonsense, I am more worried about another scenario.

Since the police doesn’t need the support of the law to conduct certain things,
What happens if someone, anonymously, calls in that you are having your
own little meth cookery down in the basement? You are sitting there, with
your family, your door gets knocked down, before you know it, you are down
on the floor, hands cuffed to your back and you are hoisted outside to wait,
cuffs on and all while the police searches your house and comes up empty.

Beside the obvious trauma of the handling of you as a person physically, your
neighbours will start to gossip about what happened and since human mentality
is what it is, the snowball of rumours will start to fly.