I guess, a measurement on IF you are being read is the amount of spam
you catch in your filters. Luckily I am one of those that moderate my comments
so the spammers doesnt really get to see their comments live in the search
engines and neither will I ever go to the URLs they supply since its
quite obvious its only there for one reason and one alone. To try to entice
me to buy something that I A: Dont need. B: Dont want C: Wont work or D: All
of the above.

There really has to be a lot of money in spam, what could possibly
be the other explanation? I mean, there isn’t a lot of computer geeks
sitting around thinking “Hmm, I think I’ll waste my own bandwidth
massively, sending out crap advertisements to the entire world
that they dont want. Thats a really good idea, because the emails
are all going too fast.” Can you imagine that? I didn’t think so either.

Now, we get to the new type of scourge that has hit the online world.
Facebook spam. Not facebook in itself, It has a function, so its valid
in my book, but seriously, you add one application and voila, you
will get TONS of spam from that application. I expect to read
from the facebook fanbois right here (“But you can disable that there and there!”)
Yes I CAN disable it. That is not the point. Id like it disabled by default.
I would cut down my mailtraffic with one third instantly if that was the case.

It would also be a fairly easy thing for the facebook crew to place into the agreement
that I HOPE that application developers have to sign or approve.

A little note on facebook tho. And to be quite frank, this is shameless
namedropping of someone that I actually admire for his competence
in his field. I managed to find the creator of one of my favourite webcomics.
You can see that here:  
So, lets change track a bit and talk about the comic in question, and for once, without
the dripping sarcasm and scorn, since I actually like it.

Bruno is, as the name of the comic supplies, a bandit in the fictive land
of rothland, ruled by the incompentent and ignorant half-dwarf Xerxes.
Bruno and his oddball family (consisiting of the one armed father “Ambrose”
The former famevampire and warrior-hottie Eunice, and of course Bruno’s
sidekick microdragon Fiona. Then theres uncle Lucius of course…

Anyhow, the story is somewhat set in a mashup between todays world
and a dungeons and dragons world, so, TV’s are common, but so is the
use of chain and platemail.

If you like twisted humor and satire, this is a good one for you and
really, read it from the start.

If you like to see progress and personal development you will do what I
do. Sit around and analyze how the artist’s skilled has been used and
honed through all those nights spent over the drawingboard, and how the
humour has gone from being a broadsword to become a scalpell, cutting
precise slizes out of society. Please, Enjoy.