Now, I would like to think this wasn’t made on purpose, but for angry-puppy_21050908
some nagging reason, I think it might be. The company I worked
for has done a new  all time low this time. Let me tell you a little story.

My former schedule ended this friday, and due to meetings and stuff
I didn’t receive any new one. Ok, I thought. No worries, I’ll go to work
early and pick one up. So, we set the alarmclocks, we took David to
kindergarten and off to work I went. Its about a 15-20 kilometer drive to
work, not far, but far enough that it takes some time getting there
but at least I was on time, I was there at ten minutes to eight.

Walked up, grabbed my headset and started to log in and I spotted
one of the bosses. I told him that I hadn’t received a schedule for
the coming period. Ok he said, he would get me one.

He sat down at his computer and suddenly looked at me and said
“Hey, Matt, you know that you have a month vacation, starting
today, right?”

What the HELL!!!

No, I was not informed that I had a vacation at all this year to be honest.
Last year you had to fill out a vacation form, fit in the weeks with your
coworkers request and Pete knows what! It was a bloody mess without peer
but hey, at least you could get a vacation. Since I have been away from work
a lot, I havent even heard of any changes, and I sure as hell didn’t fill
in a request for a vacation. They just went straight over my head and
filled in a vacation slot, and didn’t even bother informing me WHEN I
was supposed to have a vacation. To pour salt in the wounds. Today
is the day Linda started working. So… No vacation together this year

I managed to cut down the vacation to 2 weeks at least, but I am still
not happy with them not informing me earlier so Linda and I could
have planned something. But oh no. We wont let families of employee
use any recreational time with the employee. That is bad for morale
or something. I am so pissed off right now I could strangle someone
but what good would that do? Only thing that would accomplish
is a longer vacation spent entirely without the family.