Not sure how many of you out there that knows how hard it is to get a kid to
stay in its own bed for the first period that you get them out of the cot, but
let me tell you, it will wear you down to nothing pretty darn fast.

David has got one of those extendable bed now, so he has something to
grow in so to speak, and thats all well and good, however, he doesnt really
agree with his parents when its time to nap or sleep. So what happens?

Well, we hug him and kiss him and put him in the bed, we go out, close the door
and 5 seconds after, the door opens and there stands David. So, now starts
the yo-yo dance. I put him in his bed, pat his back and walk out, close the
door, and take 2 steps and the door opens, and I have to do the entire thing
all over again. Thankfully me and Linda takes turns doing this because this
takes pretty much all the patience you have as a parent.

Duct taping the kid to a wall or the ceiling is looking more and more appealing for
each time you put David back into the bed. Hopefully his little mind will soon
grasp that it is pointless to open the door again because once he does, a parent
will be there and carrying him back into his cot again.

On the job front then, well, I have been at the new job for about 3 weeks now
and it still feels good to go to the job. Since it alternates with answering mails
aswell as the phone, I dont have any trouble whatsoever with the voice, I did
feel a slight tinge on thursday, but I spent 12 hours on the job that day ( I
volonteered(sic?)) and that still went ok. To the fact comes that the callers
actually listens and are at the age when they still can hear things without
you as an operator having to shout your lungs out of your mouth.

All in all. I like the place, I like the people. I feel good.