Well, as you know I keep a lookout for things that might interrest me in several ways
and recently, a personal object of distaste goes out and says he cant feel good about
about things he has succeeded with, but instead, he feels bad about things that
didn’t go his way, the article is found here: http://www.expressen.se/noje/extra/1.2058648/thomas-bodstrom-avslojar-sin-livssorg

Now, I wouldn’t feel good criminalizing about 75%  of the youth population and on top of that, put the rest
under the same surveillance that USED TO BE RESERVED TO CRIMINALS!

Aaaaw, come on Thomas, isn’t that something to be happy about. Even the artists themselves are using
illegal filesharing, but the difference is that they have a get away free cards from the record labels and
the rest of us doesnt. Now, did I miss something ….. actually I did.

How about this for a change. The man actually wants a minister seat WHILE HE LIVES IN THE US
and the seat is in sweden, AND he still wants to get paid, even though he most likely was receiving
government pay while staying at home finishing writing a book. Sheesh. My vote will go to ANY party
that can promise me that Thomas Bodström will never ever have any government function as long
as that party is in the parlament. There. I said it. Lets go.