I know, I know. I have said that I am going to write in Swedish, however this post is not intended
for a Swedish reader. This is actually an open letter to someone who has actually helped me, without
knowing it.

Lets face it. I am overweight. I have been so for many years and I still am. However, I have now spent quite
a long time with a few shorter off periods by going to the gym. Let me explain what keeps me motivated
to keep pushing it.

It started with a wish to actually loose a few extra pounds, by simply starting to move my fat ass
and the only ways I know how to do that is either running (not a real feasible option with these
excess kilos) Cycling (my bike is bad as hell, and I actually almost have to pedal to keep momentum
when going downhill, so that is even less of an option) or hitting the gym.












Having no technique whatsoever left from my old gym days was a problem though. So I brought
a friend with me who has managed to get into a really good shape from when I first met him.
We started working out together as much as our schedules permitted, but every other day worked
quite nicely for the both of us. Now, he got another job, he doesnt even work in the same town
as me, wich made the lunch workout kinda hard, and seeing that I have some issues with family
and kids that takes a lot of my evening time, the going was tough to say the least, and I started
to skip more and more often.

I used pretty much every bad excuse there was to not go down to the gym, but I managed
once in a while at least.

I searched a lot on the internet for information, training programs etc etc, mostly to learn more
and thats when I found “stronglifts 5×5”

Now, I must admit, I cheated some in the start. Not as you might expect though, but rather the
other way around. I like to feel the workout, even though I was not in any shape to speak of.
So I increased the weights and got sore as hell, I could hardly walk. I should have followed
the increments calculated, but one of my major flaws is that I am so boneheaded stubborn
that I really kept going. I waited until the soreness was at least bearable, although not
gone, and did the same thing, over and over and over again. It took energy, it took time,
and also, my coworkers got a lot of laughter seeing me trying to traverse a simple set of

Now, even I can see the hilarity of that to be honest. “I can’t count the times I
yelled : Silence wench! to the economyassistant at work, although I always
did it with a smile and a laugh, so no hard feelings in either direction.

Anyhow. This guy who runs the stronglifts site, Mehdi, is doing salespitches
via mail, to join his Stronglifts inner circle. I would really love to, but my
finances really doesnt allow it. I prioritize my gym membership before an
inner circle membership (this in itself should show you how my mentality
gradually has shifted) But, as he makes those salespitches, he also gives
hints and tips all the time.

Those hints and tips are handy, they keep me going to the gym. They keep making me to push
myself a little bit further every time I hit the weightstand.

Let me give you a little showdown of how my starting weightlifting skills was.
My deadlift was a meager 80 kilos. At that, I could pull 5 sets with 5 lifts and I was really
in a state afterwards. My squats was at 60 kilos.

It is now 7 months or so since I started getting Mehdis mails.
I deadlift 180 kilos wich is more then double,
I squat 130 kilos, wich is also more then double, and on both, i do 5 sets with 5 lifts in each set.
I would call that an improvement.

I still have my fat. I am no model, and I never will be, but now, I am at that point where I can actually
do more then 3 different manouvers when I go to the gym. I do 4 different manouvers and finish off
on the excersize bike just for good measure.

I made new friends that also gives me tips on training, albeit I only see them at the gym, but
its still fun to speak about and hear about their and my progress.

So to you, Mehdi, I say this. I may not be a paying member of the Stronglifts inner circle, but
you still make a difference. Maybe if and when I get a raise, I will be a paying member.

If you hit the gym and havent checked the stronglifts site, do so. It is worth the time, trust me.