OK, we tried to protest against FRA… nothing happened, the law was passed and its now in effect.
We tried to protest to IPRED …. to no avail.

Now ACTA is starting to creep in, and people dont seem to care!? Ok, many people dont seem to grasp
the effect of ACTA, the new trade “agreement” between EU and US, but one of the things it is stating
is that after three illegal downloads, you are to be completely shut out from the internet. HELLO!

I am not sure how they are gonna solve that technically but it will be a tremendous job, and rest assured
that you as the end customer will pay the price. The agreement also states “in the family” wich in this situation
is a very loose term, but in effect, lets say I “borrow” some of the neighbours internet using their unprotected
wifi connection.. 3 downloads later, voila, their internet gets shut down. COMPLETELY. They wont
have to prove that it was anyone in that household that did it, because obviously it was from their
router. Thats all they need to know.

On top of it all, we now have the swedish government sniffing around our internet for whatever mails, instant
messaging and our surf habits of us of the populace, now we are gonna let the entire EU AND the US sniff around
to see if we are doing something that the RIAA doesnt approve of.

Now really, someone needs to set a stop to this foolishness of surveillance and turning entire nations
into objects of observation because frankly, this is all turning into STASI and GRU controlled nations where
you need to keep a constant eye on the population to discourage different thinking. This has got to stop
somewhere and I really wish I had the power to change things, but no, I am just a geek amongst millions
The only thing I CAN do is what I am doing right now. Voice my opinion and, in the spirit of the current
government, expect to have it summarily dismissed.

Sooner or later, I will be clapped in irons for voicing this, then thrown in some unknown jail!
No, I am not wearing a tinfoil hat yet, but thats the way we are heading. I think you have noticed
that extreme right wing parties are on the move forward, at the same time as the government is getting
more and more controlling. When the extreme right wing gets the power, because from the looks
of it, it will, they will already have the tools to find their opposition and do something about it. Cool huh?

I dont think so, and frankly, I am starting to get a little scared with the rulers in sweden and their indifference
to peoples opinion, and their obvious interrests of fattening their wallets with the lobbyists money.

I am sorry, but if the vote was today, my vote would go to “the one issue party” “Piratpartiet” again.
It might be a wasted vote in the eyes of some. How I see it, is showing my dissent by voting for the
only party that has something besides the same old regurgitated crap.