Well, today is the day when the swedish government will be able to monitor all traffic that is going to
cross swedish servers (i wonder how long it will take for them to realize that MOST things that goes
over the internet will go abroad…. i do hope they have plenty of storage space) so, as of today
I will start giving some tips on how to protest this idiocity, in a few easy steps.

First up, for you bloggers. Unless you are doing like me and hosting your own servers,
you are most likely using blogger.com or wordpress.com blogs. Both situated in the US.
Now, all your bloggposts will be monitored when sent online, and you wont get a single
reader point for it. Depressing isn’t it? However, you can protest that with an easy set of

First off, I am pretty sure that they are not sitting there and manually scanning all the
data being sent through the nodes, but rather using an advanced filter algorithm that
goes through what you are sending and if something suspicious is found, saves it to be
controlled at a later date. Now, lets see if we can activate that filter and get our posts
stored shall we?

Add this paragraph as the last part of your post and voila, you will most likely get scanned.

Jihad, Mulla, Sarine, C4, Explosives, Plane, Hizbollah, Infidels, Muhammed, Sura, Subway, Stockholm,
shipment, panic, authorities, Akbar, seize, attack, heart, anarchy, riot, cataclysmic.

Now, I am pretty sure that you recognize the words, and I am pretty sure that if a machine is set
to search for words that may give hints of future acts of terrorism would be squeeling in delight
at that combination of words.

Now, the majority of people in sweden seems to be using e-mail services from either gmail, hotmail or yahoo. Guess what.. neither of those are situated in Sweden. So, no more steamy e-mails to your
missis while she is visiting her mothers, because one wrong word in it, and most likely, your
email will get stored so that someone can read it. Great huh? Now, you can protest to this
aswell using the above mentioned string of words, but why not do it in a more blatant way?
Add an automatic CC to hostmaster@fra.se and save them the trouble of scanning your mail
since you will be sending them a copy of every mail you send. On top of that, if more
people do the same thing, you will get a nicely spammed box in that system. And heres the
kicker: If they have a catch-all adress, that one will be spammed too. Not by bulk mail, but
by information that they explicitly have asked for.

Now, most of you who read blogs are pretty well versed in technology, but still dont
really want to be bothered with the deep details about encryption, but there are easy
ways to come around the traffic scanners. One is using encrypted traffic.

Here are a few easy ways to do just that. Follow one of these links


Until next time.