Rambling Revised

There really needs to be a clinical term for the moods
people have in the mornings. I mean, think about it.

Those that knows me would probably describe me is fully
comparable to the old Scrooge combined with a bear that
woke up too early from hibernation. Im gruffy, cranky
and every other negative description you can think
of without going into the aggressive types. I want
everything to be smooth and fast. No troubles because if
there is, ill go into sulk/mope mode.

This morning was not an exception sadly. I got up
and knowing that I didnt have any cigarettes I sped
up the process of making myself ready so as to get
to the store before we usually pass it, in time to
get a cigarette to stem the worst of my crankyness.

Well. The kids carseat wasnt attached to the front
seat, my girl took longer to get ready and getting
my kid into his overall was like trying to put an
(sorry Dr Phil, its not personal, you are just the
only comparison that comes to mind) angry, drunk
Dr. Phil in a 4 sizes to small wetsuit. And naturally
this all took enough time that once again, once
we actually had acquired the cigarettes in question
there was no time for smoking. So off to work I went
and since I was getting in a more and more foul
mood, my girl noticed, naturally, and I vented
myself, and of course, she took it as an accusation
and set of on the quest for the holy argument.

Thats when I gave up and just walked into the complex
and logged on for work.

Now, lets get back on track.
What would someone call the behaviour if they observed
me in that state without knowing what had caused the
heat to flare? Im guessing I would be labeled into
a narcissistic chauvinist with an anger management
problem, possibly even a domestic abuser.

Now, lets get one thing straight before anyone even
THINKS the thought that I know some people will have.
I do not support domestic violence, if you cant
keep it on an acceptable level in the heat of
argument, let your partner know you are going outside
for a while, then go out for a walk, or just sit
down outside so that you can cool off somewhat.

In an argument, most people tend to loop their arguments
around 2 or 3 things and then the parties throw of
those arguments and loop and loop around those and always
wind up right where they started, using accusations
to prove a point. Why not instead of using “why did you”
try to use “can you please do this instead”?

Oh well, I am guessing I will be having a discussion
regarding all this when I get home, but hey, ill
try to cheer up some during the day.

On a funnier note, I have a reader that actually works in
the same complex as me, just works at another department.
He is a WoW player with a sense of humor, and the humor
he has is leaning towards the same sarcastic and ironic
humor that is my own aswell, so when we are out taking
a cigarette the conversations can be quite weird to
the person listening.

Anyhow, he read, and liked, my post “roleplaying retards
from the 19th of August and yesterday, he felled a
comment that was quite hillarious to me at the time.

“Soon people will think that Blizzard invented zombies

What really galls me tho, is the fact that to an
extent, his statement is true….