Verdict: Pirate Bay founders found guilty

According to Aftonbadet:
And Expressen:

In the first instance, the TPB guys was found guilty.
Now, you know what standpoint i have on these things and its really
not hard to see why. Ok, maybe these guys pushed it, but really. Did they push it?

Lets make it very hypothetical.

I start a service to host text files. Text files are generally not that large
and I feel that I can host them on my private server without too much of a problem.
I create the application for upload and indexing of the text files and people
upload them. Now, I may or may not be responsible for what users post
on that server, but i am hosting them,  so that might be a crime right?

Ok, lets take the perspective of torrents then.
I create a service, that lets users upload a minimal file, that tells
others where to find stuff. Nothing but the files that are made
by the users are stored on that server. Simple? Ok, lets push it.
My users finds out that hey … if i make that minimal file tell people
where to download movie X or song Y, we can share with the world.

Now, I am pretty much not doing anything myself. Its just my users
that are giving out the copyrighted material.  Should I be held accountable
for what thousands of other people have done? If so, can I please file a case
against Fredrik Reinfeldt, Tomas Bodström and Beatrice Ask for what
stasi and the kgb has done to the citizens in their respective country please?
I can even go to those countries and file the claim if that helps.

Someone please give me a sign that stupidity isnt that spread.