Look before you leap

It appears that the right wing parties has understood that they have
put both the left AND the right foot into their mouth with voting through
this FRA law, and now, Sten Tolgfors has jumped up on top of his soap
box and is claiming that since the vote is done, he is now the new alphamale.
or in light of this discussion, is that AlphaMail? Anyhoo, he is standing there
like another short little man did in the 1940s, and declaring that he will
take no alternatives. Doesn’t ring close to “Ich have das gemacht” to you?

Im just waiting for him to draw up an own little banner to hand out to
his employees that they are supposed to wear around their arms and
salute as if it was a flag. Ok, I am taking this to the extreme, I know I am
but seriously. If you cant take a debate wich is one of the foundations
of democracy, do you really deserve to have a post in the corridors of power,
should you really have the power to handpick your ex-wifes mailtraffic
just for the hell of it? Or, if someone is paranoid enough, expose peoples
sexual preferences due to your own homophobia?

Seriously, someone needs to keep this debate going.