Well, once again it has been some time since I wrote
anything noteworthy or rather, anything that I cared
to post. The reason? Well, frankly I have had a nice
hellish christmas and new year. Let me share it with

It all started 2 or 3 days before christmas really.
David got this “mark” on his back, sort of looked
like he had stood up close to something and scratched
the back, so we didnt really think it was a big deal.

Thing is, that indescribable thing grew! Not that fast
but fast enough that we started to notice it.

On the morning of christmas eve while doing the morning
routine, IE changing diapers and washing up for the
day, we notice that his lil’ belly button is all
goey and inflamed. So, we called a doctor who said
that it was most likely impetigo, but we should
come in the the hospital just to check.

Said and done. We spent a few hours on christmas eve
at the hospital, then we had to get antibiotics.
Well, lo and behold, things went to pot there aswell.
The computer system used for sending prescriptions was
down so we couldnt use the pharmacy in town while it
was open, we had to go to Västerås to get the medicin.

Finally we came home, in time for the traditional “donald”
here in sweden.

Not sure what kind of tradition you guys have, but here
at 3 o’clock they broadcast an old christmas special
made by disney. That, and “Karl-Bertil Jonssons julafton”
is a swedish tradition for some reason.

Anyhow, back to the topic.
So, this impetigo is highly contagious, so you have to
be careful, but you also need to wash the poxes, remove
the scabs and disinfect the surface beneath the scabs
with alcohol. Now, imagine that on a 15 month old kid.

First off, the pox itches and stings. Second,
alcohol on a semi open wound? He screams and
cries like you where torturing him and actually, I feel
like I am, and I really really really dont feel
comfortable with that.

Fine, New Years Eve and New years day, I was at work.
Since I was free for christmas i opted to let the
other guys party in the new year as I usually dont.

Few days into january. The impetigo is back with
a vengeance. From going to large pox on Davids
back and bellybutton, down to virtually nothing
it suddenly flared up and covered most of his abdomen.

Now, I can see that those things itch, its not
that hard either. So, David is really really
cranky and wakes up all the time during the
nights. Now, that makes me one tired dad, but I
can only ride it out.

In case you are wondering what Davids mother are doing
let me tell you this, she is pulling the heaviest
loads during the nightshift, so I can manage my job.
How was your christmas?