9gag versus världen

9gag versus världen

…… vissa fattar det. Vissa fattar inte. Och vad värre är, är att folk som får klickar på allt som rör sig
så fort det gäller facebook. Man tillåter fan själv och hans faster placera saker hur som helst i
din tidslinje utan att för den sakens skull tänka på de personer som man har i vänlistan
och inte heller på det faktum att folk faktiskt kan blockera dig för att dom är irriterade
på alla poster från helt ovidkommande siter som man faktiskt inte är intresserad av.

Känns den här igen?









Vad säger det här dig?

Mig säger det “du måste tillåta oss att spamma dina vänner för att få se den här roliga bilden”
(jag undrar hur många som klickade på den här bilden ovan)

Det som kommer att hända är A: du kommer att få se en bild. Jättebra.
B: du riskerar att spamma ut all din aktivitet på just den sidan på facebook, för du har just gett siten
tillåtelse till det. Kul va?
C: du kommer även att oavsiktligt försöka att få dina vänner att gå på samma nit.
D: Folk som jag kommer att bli förbannade och konstatera att intelligens och folk på facebook
inte hör ihop. (ja, jag vet redan att jag finns på facebook, men det får stå för mig)

Varför, varför och åter igen varför tänker folk inte efter. Vill jag verkligen att jag
ska ge en site en användarbas som dom kan spamma med diverse reklam och förvandla
facebook’s användardatabas till deras egen lilla spamlista? Vill jag dessutom se till
att mina vänner hamnar i samma spamlista?


Om ni nu vill titta på roliga bilder på diverse saker, tillåt mig att rekommendera cheezburger network,
9gag samt oseriös.net. ingen av dom kräver att du ska tillåta att sidan i sig får ta över ditt tidsflöde
och skicka ut saker till dina vänner samt få tillgång till i princip hela ditt liv.

Du kan säker hitta egna siter som är roliga, men för i hela helvete, ge fan i att klicka på
“logga in med facebook konto”-knappen.

What’s up with the giant?

What’s up with the giant?

Well, it appears that facebook is down, however it seems that every site checker that I check tells
me that its up, even a speedtest through Pingdom “http://tools.pingdom.com” shows me that it’s
online and operational. This was weird really, but how can that be? Well, they could be hammered
by a ddos attack and closed countries IP, however, I cant really see the status of that, another might
be a faulty DNS somewhere along they way. Whatever reason, I would like to know seeing as I can
harass people online without it. Take care now

This has got to stop!

Every day I see the same damn thing. It comes in the mail,
group invitations on facebook and not least, people actually
joining and LIKING things of this nature. What am I talking
about? Well, all these “Join this or that group because
if you dont, facebook will be a “pay” site”

Here is a newsflash for you. IT’S BOGUS! Facebook generally
makes their funding on advertising and seeing the amount
of users that actually has a facebook account and that frequently
logs in to see those adds, well, im guessing they are making quite
a bit of mint on it.

So, why does these groups come to be? Well, for the exact same reason that
you receive those “Microsoft is tracking this mail, you will get xxx dollars to send
it on.” Well, as long as the mail is within microsofts network, I am guessing they
could see the server logs, but as soon as it’s outside, they cant track the mail.

Neither will your fridge walk out of the door to hop repeatedly on your car’s hood
if you dont send that chain mail letter.

This is the exact same thing and I am fed up with it. Stop spamming me with
messages that facebook will be a pay site, stop joining those frigging groups
because they are only A: A sham to get members (im pretty sure that the names
of the groups will,
in a very short period of time, be renamed to “We who like to have sex with kitchen
utensils or similar) and B: You are also spamming your friends with messages that
they either dont understand and follow, or just dislike it cluttering their wall.

You happy now? Just you wait til the day that facebook finally DOES become a pay site.
THEN you can tell me that im wrong. Not before.

Service Unavailable….

E-mail, Cellphone, Facebook, Twitter, IM clients. And to make things worse, all those things are
crosscombined. Are we ever truly unavailable? Think about it for a second. I know I am available
pretty much 24/7 through either one of these things and it really bugs me sometimes.

Those that knows me a little better knows that I have a slight aversion to phones, still I work
in an area where phones is a tool of the trade, but I handle pretty well I think.

Is this new form of availability the curse of the modern world? Well, in my opinion its
both “Yes” and “No”. Just yesterday there was 2 stories about twitter. First was the
couple who actualy twittered during their own wedding ceremony. Now, that has
gone too far. But, on top of that, was a mother who had a 2 year old that took
a plunge into the pool, and let her OTHER kid call 911 while she twittered about it!

I dont know about the rest of you, but I almost started to cry, big macho man that I am (I can hear
you laughing, stop it!) If my kid had taken a dunk into the pool and was unconcsious(sic due to lack of coffee?)
I wouldnt be texting Twitter about it, I would be frantic trying to give my kid CPR, and when the paramedics
came, I would let them do their job while nervously hovering over them chewing off the last of my nails.

Now, In the defence of social networking, there was ALSO a topic about a girl that was pretty much forced
to stay in her apartment by a man wielding a knife. She updated her facebook from her mobile phone,
friends noticed and called 911 and the police came and resolved the issue, so they are not all bad even though
they are starting to take more and more of our time. Let me give you something to look at for referrence.

This is what I am using, some more rare then others, but still, I have accounts.
Yahoo Messenger
AOL Instant messenger
MSN Messenger
Google Wave

Not to mention all the different email adresses that I am having, some that comes with the IM clients, some that
are used for different reasons. Currently I have 3 active ones that I use. 1 for work, 1 for receiving spam and 1
for private usage. Then of course there is my cell phone, wich ironically enough, gives me access to all the ones
mentioned above.

People say that technology can isolate, and I guess that is in some extent true if you just sit there and look
dumbfounded at your screen, but really, what technology causes most is the stress of knowing that anyone
can reach you at any time, and still you have the feeling that you dont wanna miss out with the small action
of unplugging.

Oh the dilemma.

Now I have to twitter about this post…..