….Break out the Booze and lets get it over with.

Seriously though. Life has it’s ups and downs and you have to tackle them any way that you can without
loosing what little faith you have in yourself and your social network because that is what life is all about,
learning from your experiences and grow from them.

If you dont, you just stand on the same spot, stomping your feet and grinding your teeth in frustration, never
being able to fathom what to do when an unexpected situation occurs and that my friends, is the worst thing
that can happen. You have to learn to adapt or  be run over by the new time.

For someone who has stagnated in their personal development, there is little hope of recovering
unless these people do something really really drastic, such as suddenly change their career or change
most of their habits in one stroke, but it is doable. For me, the turn came when I changed jobs.

The old job is dead. Meet the new job. Same as the old job. But with better pay, better ours, better
morale and a better product. I am pleased, so pleased in fact that I can still, after half a year at the
place say that its still fun to go to work. The only drawback is leaving the warm cozy bed, but that
part would be there unless I was paid to stay in it.

Nuff rambling for tonight.