I have had a twitter account for quite a long time now but
mostly it has been to display blog updates, but now I found
something that makes it a little more useable for me.

Or rather. Not me who found it, but let me explain.

At work, we have someone who works with the media,
making press statements and images and so forth and
one day I passed his desk, all bedecked with Apple™©®
insert restrictive sign here, and saw a nice grey screen
with tons and tons of twitter feeds on it. Now, that looked
more like it. I could post to twitter, and in real time follow
what others twittered about. Suddenly the uses of it
increased tremendously for me. I was suddenly not locked
to a browser, I could do other things, such as write here
with my browser window.

It appeared that this thing was for Macs, but with a little research
I found a PC (Windows) version of it, it did however require Adobe Air ™©®
(I really love those characters) So I gladly went and downloaded it.

The software in question? Tweetdeck. Sofar, I am enjoying it, because
it really made twitter more useable for me. You might want to give it a
try, in that case, you can find it at http://www.tweetdeck.com and I really
think that you should try it.