You probably have noticed that I read and think a lot about
filesharing, p2p and pretty much everything in that corner, so
I am guessing that there is no big surprise that I dig up news
about it in various places. I might not be the first to write
about it, but I dont need to be, I feel that it is better to have
a broad front and reach many, then to contend to be first
and maybe not get the whole story.

Anyhoo, the P2P developer Vuze, who used to program
and maintain azureus, a popular bittorrent client, recently
ordered a survey from Frank Magid Associated, and
the result, at least to me, wasn’t that surprising.
Frank Magid Associated conducted the survey, looking at
693 American Vuze users and 606 American Internet users,
all aged 18-44, wich is usually the “core age” for filesharing.

It appears that the people who are engaged in filesharing
and downloading movies are spending a lot more money
on content then those who doesn’t.

It appears that the users of Vuze (the decendant of azureus)
have no problem purchasing DVDs, they actually buy up to
16 a year, whereas the other group lands on average 13 per

From Frank Magid Associated

From Frank Magid Associated

Vuze CEO Gilles BianRosa about the results. His take is that P2P users are
“Hollywood’s best customers, and that’s clearly something that we don’t think that Hollywood is very aware of.”

The survey shows that even though they can obtain what they want for free,
the filesharers doesn’t really mind spending money, but a theory regarding
why people dont buy more movies might be the fact that a purchased movie
these days are DRM protected and priced a little too high.

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