The Radio Controlled Human.

What? Who? What scientific breakthrough is this?
Well .. nothing really. I have existed for more
then thirty years. Let me explain.

I am definetly not a morning person. Mornings is what has
started my very very very very VERY slow takeover of the
world (ive got about 82 square meters in 30 years, but hey
its more then what I had from scratch right?) and make
it a capital offense, comparable with high treason
to force people out of bed before 10.

Anyhow, my girlfriend has some very soothing tune on
her phone to wake me up, I dont know whats up with that
thing, because if theres a goddamn airstrike sound
like on my phone, I dont even register it before
the neighbours are pounding on the door yelling
to stop the effing noise. So, this morning sometime
too early to be lawful, the thing rang. I did
the same thing as I do every morning.

This, is a morning ritual for me. At least when I work
the day shift.

I get up out of the bed, I go to the bathroom,
I stumble out on the balcony to get a smoke,
I wander to the fridge to get something to drink.
After this, I usually start my trip to work.

As always, I did this, but a colleague was driving
today instead of my girlfriend, so Linda was quite
happily snoozing in the bed, david sprawling on my
still warm side of the bed.

I look at my own phone, and its not frigging 5 am yet.
What the hell? It’s more then an hour left before
I usually get up. I poke linda, tell her what time it
is, while im standing there wearing both jacket and shoes
holding my lunch in one hand. She looks at me and tells
me “Oh, im supposed to call dad and wake him up”.

This was the time where I started grinding my teeth.
Oh well. At least I can get some REST if not sleep.

Hows this for Radiocontrolled?

People who have seen me in the mornings KNOW that before
I had coffee and a smoke, you can tell me very important
things that may or may not affect me, it really doesnt
matter because I might look like im listening, and
I probably am, I honestly dont know because I am
sure as hell not registering any of it and storing
it in memory.

Todays picture is: