Frustration is a friend

Calling tech supportAt least in small doses, because without
frustration, many things never would
be invited. Lets take a small thing as
the potato-peeler. Do you think that
someone thought “Hey, I can make
money on how people peels a potato
or, do you think that it was more in
the likes of: “I am soooo damn tired
of peeling my potatoes with a knife.
I cut myself, my hands are all aching
and the next time my wife wants
potatoes its all going to be the same.
” I am pretty sure it was the latter.

I am pretty sure that most inventions
that are created are really a
combination of  frustration, lazyness
and genious. Some things might not
be a sign of a genious, but hey, if they
work, dont rack down on it.

Anyways, seeing as frustration is a key to a lot of inventions, I might be
on the verge of solving the problem of world peace or something, at
least if the level of frustration is a measurement on how big a breakthrough
an invention will be. Everyone of course have different tolerance levels
to stress and the likes, but frankly, I think I am getting close to my
breaking point. Oh well … I will just do what I usually do.

Ride it out, pick up the shattered pieces and start to build again.
Ya all have fun in the sun now ya hear.