Well, as you may have noticed this one has been very stagnant for a while. The reason for this is a secondary blog that I am working on wich mainly consist of guides, tips and tricks regarding technical matters ranging from simple things as digital TV to IPV6.

The blog itself can be found here: http://www.tekniskt.se
It is a corroboration of several of my colleagues and is written in swedish, wich for me is quite the change seeing as I mainly
write in english, albeit bad english, but still.

So, now I am back at working on this one, and
I have to say that it’s a sweet pleasure to be
in a site where I feel I dont have to take the same caution regarding SEO and similar just
because I really dont care for the ranking
on this page. The readers I have will keep reading and never mind if I am on the first place on a google search or not.

However, this site will have quite a bit of overhauling before it is complete but I feel
that I have made good progress sofar.
What do you think?


I do love the wordpress system, but sometimes, just sometimes weird errors pops up.

Like this place for instance, you may notice that there has been some slight changes, most to the better
some though are for the worse, for instance, I need to recreate my “installing wordpress” guides and the
download section for my wordpress themes (I am on it, never fear) but the reason for it was a weird error
in wordpress itself. The whole thing showed when I tried to upgrade wordpress in itself, or a plugin, it seemed
that the wordpress installation didnt find its own directory on my server. Every time I tried, I got the message
“WordPress cant find plugin directory” and a nice abortive message.

It really spoked my wheel and I figured “screw it” and dumped the entire database, and did a nice little
wipe of my wordpress installation. Recreated the account (Ill tell you about it in a second) and tried the same thing.

Why did I recreate the account, well, my server is set up so that when I create a user on it, the user gets
a home folder in the correct place and an it copies in wordpress from a skeleton folder. However, and this is
entirely my own fault, it is an older version of wordpress, so you need to update that manually right now.
It also copies over some good plug-ins like wp-cumulus and wp-recaptcha and a bunch of my themes.
What is left is for the user to download wp-confing-sample.php, edit that to the details i hand out and you
are good to go.

So, thats what I did. I deleted the account, deleted the home folder and recreated it.
Would you believe that I got the same error?

I scoured the web for solutions and there was a few, none of them worked however, then for
some spontaneus reason, the wordpress installation decided it wanted to work again.
So, here I am, scratching my head wondering what the hell was wrong, and no way of checking it
unless I want to wade through apache error log, and that wont happen until I get a major error.

Oh well, keep shinin out there.

I give you Monochrome

monochromeMonochrome is a 1 sidebar WordPress themes in
various shades  from white to black. No other
colors. It is clean, slick and in  my own opinion,
quite tasteful. Enjoy.

You will find this and more different templates in
the  “Downloads WordPress Templates” section that
you can find up top.


WordPress themes … again

Well, you have seen that I make wordpress themes from time to
time, Well, check the menu on top, and you will see that I made
a page collecting them so you dont have to browse every single

Hope you enjoy

Sleek and slick.

I know that some of you actually use my themes since from some, I even get thank you
mails, and others are found on google. So, I keep doing them. I kinda like
the blueline theme I did a little while ago, but wasn’t too pleased with how
it turned out, so, I decided to make this one: Sleek