A take on webcomics part II

yesterday a colleague at work had a pleasant surprise.
I directed him to one of the posts in my blog that
mentions a webcomic, and he decided to check it out.
Now, we are not sitting on the same side of the wall
so to speak, but I could still hear him laugh a lot
on the other side. I mean, having fun at work? Isn’t
that some sort of paradox? Work isn’t supposed to be
fun is it?

Honestly, if webcomics brings joy, fine, ill spread it.
So, this co worker asked if If I could list a few comics
that I read, and well, sure I can. Here you go.
These are the ones I read most frequently but in
no particular order.

Looking for group
Bruno the bandit
User friendly
The devil’s panties
The Noob Comic
Sorcery 101
Ctrl Alt Del
GU comics
Two Lumps
God Mode

Now, seriously, some of these arent easy to follow unless
you start from the beginning, so, give them a try at least,
im guessing at least 1 or 2 should grab your fancy…

And well, have a fun time.