Sights on google usage part II

Google has now released the lists of the most common search words on its search engine.

Fastests growing (Sweden)
1. spotify
2. translate
3. facebook
4. eniro
5. blocket
6. blogg
7. bdb (billddagboken)
8. hotmail
9. hitta
10. google

Most popular search terms Sweden
1. facebook
2. youtube
3. blocket
4. google
5. eniro
6. aftonbladet
7. lexikon
8. bdb (bilddagboken)
9. tradera
10. hotmail

And from what I can see it’s nothing really there that surprises me. However, on the list of  fastest growing, overall,
you see something funny.
Fastest growing globally
1. michael jackson
2. facebook
3. tuenti
4. twitter
5. sanalika
6. new moon
7. lady gaga
8. windows 7
10. torpedo gratis

Look at number 9 .. someone googled a URL. Now, I can see someone google a URL if you want to know more
about the URL, but seriously, fastest growing on place number 9 ? Why not just go to the URL instead and
save you some time sifting through the sponsored links?

Sights on Google usage

excessive googling.

Working as tech support, you sometimes notice impact of things to a higher
extent than what you think would be possible. A good example is Google.

When you are sitting with a client on the phone and you give them a
URL to visit to solve their problems, or, something that they need
to download to ensure security, and VERY often, they put a cursor
up at the adress field, and then types and THEN
searches for the URL on google…. What the hell is that about!
I will not use the term “googling” it, because that really is
not a correct term yet. It is something that is commonly used yes
but what you really are doing, is doing a search in a searchengine.

Even though Google is a large player in the searchengine market and I wont
dispute that for a second. However I still think that Google is being
overused to the extent of causing stupidity. Google might aswell not
create a search when someone types in a url but instead if the URL.

There are so many different ways to remember adresses on the web but
for some reason, people cant seem to fathom how to use bookmarks
or browser history. Why is that? Have people relinquished their
tools and handed their own actions into Google?
is found as active, instantly send the person searching to that adress.

Now, some of you remember the childhood of internet when altavista was
the search engine of choice. It did have an impact yes, but not such
a profound one as google, and if i remember, altavista was also the first
company who made a swedish adaptation of the engine, they called it evreka
and from what I can remember, it was half descent. After that, I switched
to metacrawler and then I started to use google due to a friends insistance.

So yes, I do use Google and I dont begrudge those guys their success, they
have worked very hard at it, but, as the features grow, the ease of use
lessens. Their latest venture however, needs a little better implementation
before it gets me jumping up and down.

So if you want a google wave invite, well, lob me a comment with your email
adress and ill see to it.