Turnsignals! Do you use them

There is a few things that really annoy me to no end. Today, I had a run in with
three of them all situated in one person.

First off, I have to go through a few curves to get to work.
It is customary while driving to signal where you are about to go, at least
I thought so until I got my drivers license. Now, it appears that when you
buy a new car, you obviously don’t get the lightbulbs to the blinkers when
you buy em, you get em when the warranty runs out or something.

What is it with new cars that makes people think that just because they
drive something flashy, they can do whatever the hell they like in traffic?
I had this moron drive out right in front of me, no turn signals of course
and I had to slam the breaks to not hit his passenger door. The idiot
continued his driving and stared at me like I was the one that was
doing something wrong. Now, I was in the correct lane, having
my turnsignals going, he, was in the lane to go straight forward, not the
turn one, on the opposite side. He also didn’t have any blinkers flashing.
You can imagine my irritation at that one.

Why do people glare at you in traffic when they are the ones that
act as if they have a deed on the road? First rule of traffic? Hardly
The first rule of traffic is, be considerate. Displaying WHERE you
are going, keeping a lookout at whats around you and driving
safely. At least.. thats what I think.