For what its worth (note the sarcasm and irony)

I am not sure that you know whats going around in sweden these days
but it appears that now encryption software is going to be a must to
keep even the semblance of privacy. Personally i have installed Tor
and I am running it 100% of the time. Not due to the fact that I am
engaged in criminal or terrorist activity. I am not constructing bombs
to place close to the capital buildings in washington neither am I
creating gas traps to place in the subway in stockholm.

Now, if you ask an american these days what he values the most
no doubt about it, he will answer “freedom” but doesnt freedom contain
the fact that you wont have to have someone looking over your shoulder
with every letter you write? Doesnt it mean that I can say pretty much what I want, as
long as it isnt racial slurring that at least according to swedish law is prohibited?

How can someone justify surveillance on an entire population with the remark
it MAY stop a possible terrorist attack. Talk about vague pretences.

So. Now comes the next step. If they are to analyze all traffic from foreign
servers, where will that data be stored? Can I have a shell account there plz?
If not, they can be pretty sure that I wont be paying for it via my taxes.
I mean, seriously, just this post alone is about 1k, at least I think it will
be before I have vented my frustration at this possible future law.
Now, I am prety sure that there are more then 10000 bloggers in sweden
and some of them isn’t what you would call close mouthed.

Most of those probably use “blogger” service or
and both are NOT native to sweden. Wich means that all that the bloggers
write, even stuff that they dont post to the general public, will be under
scrutiny from the FRA. Neat-o!

So now, anything that I receive from someone NOT living in sweden will
be stored and read. I dont like the feeling of this. Now, for the sake of
just confusing anyone thats checking traffic, I will be adding a few phrases
that doesnt mean anything. Though I am sure that the following sentences
will be of interrest to any authority since we all know that they are
completely without sense of humor and irony.

I will not bomb an airplane bound to fly above the white house or the pentagon
I will not send anthrax via the postal service to random officials
The jihad against General Boredom continues with big macs
and Allah is the god of muslims.

Enjoy trying to figure out a code thats not there.