Antipiracy = terrorism?

Antipiracy = terrorism?

The torrenttracker/site swebits is down. Most of you who tend to use this site has most likely noticed
the nice sign at the door regarding first, a DDoS attack and then faulty hardware in servers abroad
wich makes it a little harder to fix.
Heres a swedish article about it:

And just like the terror organisations in middle east, out comes Henrik Ponte’n and claims responsability.
To me, its a little similar to the movie “Life of brian” and the different
liberations groups that’s there and that they all take responsability
for the actions perpetrated.

Nowhere was there any “proof” that anti piracy firms are involved in this
and despite this, Henrik alledges that “The owner of the site has gotten
nervousdue to resent events” Now, correct me if I am wrong, but
wouldn’t the correct time to be nervous be around the time of the
#spectrial where Henrik so prominently figured?

I can understand that this man is a mouthpiece and it is his job to be,
but seriously somewhere, someone will have to draw the line.

Now, Henrik, I ask you: Has anyone on the swebits team been arrested,
that was actually on that team, or simply some poor sap with the hardware
to be a good seeder?

Has there been a seizure of the actual server hardware? and the million
dollar question: Have your “team” filed a claim against Google yet?

Of course there is propaganda involved in this. Do not be mistake, this is a kind of war that is being fought online, between filesharing activists and monetary interrests and unfortunatly, the casualties in this war is freedom of speech and personal integrity.

Personal integrity has already been locked up in a dungeon and has been severly beaten, to the point
of actually be in a coma and needing life support, but sofar, freedom of speech has managed relatively
unscathed… unless you count a few anal gangrapes…

Who pays for the governments mistake?

It is another day in the reich of sweden. Fuhrer Reinfeldt is still at the
helm of this vessel and from what I can judge, he wont go down
with his ship, he will shackle the rest of us to it and then get into the
only lifeboat there is to laugh while the rest of us drowns.

Ok, ok. I dont really have any hatred towards Fredrik Reinfeldt personally
but I really cant bring myself to agree with his politics, and well, up until
last month at least, everyone was entitled to an opinion.
Do I sound bitter? You bet. Remember what I said about things not
gonna be on my taxes? Well, they wont be, but they will come out
of my pockets nonetheless. The ISPs needs to pipe things to the FRA
and thats gonna cost a minor country’s gross national product.

How are the ISPs and the phone companies gonna finance that?
You guessed it. Higher rates. So, instead of moving technology
into evolution, we strike people where it hurts them the most, the wallet
and in doing so, we stagnate the technology, since without funding,
noone will develop new, faster things. And noone will be able to afford
these new, cool things when we all are addicted to this fad, as it was
referred to, by a multitude of ministers.

So, once again, we strike at the small people, but wait, this time we
also strike at the people that wants to aid the people by bringing fourth
new ways to do things. Cool huh?

Another thought. We have a lot of companies that really has the need
for secrecy. Screw privacy in this example, but, lets say that Ericsson
finds a new revolutionary technique for conducting phone calls, it will
revolutionize the mobile phone industry making them earn 4 times
the gross of what they usually do. They of course, have to send
this to Sony, in japan.

Wee .. its tapped by the FRA, some hackers gets it and sells it to
nokia/lg/motorola/whatever. Now dont tell me FRA cant be hacked.
Already names of their “top secret” spies have been revealed by ordinary
geeks like me. But, in the extension, that means that Ericsson loses the
dominant position it would have had, and the swedish nation loses
millions, if not billions, in taxes. Hows that for making a better tomorrow
for swedish companies?

A sidenote. Google will never place servers in sweden.
Due to the above mentioned.

Now, another sidenote, this time on a more humourus scale.

We all know that the word minister comes from latin, right?
Here’s the twist. Magister means “He who knows more”
Minister means ? 🙂


Do you know who this is?

Camilla LindbergThis my friends is a new fav of
mine. Her name is
Camilla Lindberg
And she was one of those
who voted No on the FRA
proposal. Sadly, the scores
to the right of her tells us
a story of defeat for the personal integrity and a victory
for the swedish government to
snoop around in our private mails that goes abroad, all chat connections
that isnt within sweden (and to be honest, that would be NONE since I dont know
of a swedish IM client) and they will store that data. Now, lets see how long
it takes for the FRA to get hacked and get information leaked out to the general
public. My hope is that it is VERY soon so that they understand that they will
be having a ticking bomb in their hands. Also, I am actually considering to
apply for political asylum in another nation such as Norway on the fact
that the government is “having me under constant surveillance despite
the fact that I havent done anything criminal and this is causing me severe
mental problems related to stress, wich may turn into psychosomatic health

Do you think thats doable?

Anyhow, this Camilla Lindberg, although being from the right wing and I am not
has earned my respect. She went against the flow of her own party and voted
from her heart, every single flower and every single thank-you mail she has
got, she definetly deserves. My hat is off for you Camilla, and for the rest of you
that voted yes on the bill, I sincerely and utterly hope that all your personal
surfing habits, how dirty they may be, and your cyberaffairs gets to be public
knowledge soon.


safe.. for the time being

Apparently the swedish government balked a little regarding that FRA law. My guess
the sight of all those people protesting by wearing white shirts kinda made
an impact on the little people runs this little banana republic.

However, the idiocy hasn’t been revoked, just postponed.
They will return this fall with the suggesion again, with
“added control functions” wich I am pretty sure wont be
followed since they already HAVE been tapping the lines
for 10 years…. someone raise the Hue and Cry plz ?