I give you Monochrome

monochromeMonochrome is a 1 sidebar WordPress themes in
various shades  from white to black. No other
colors. It is clean, slick and in  my own opinion,
quite tasteful. Enjoy.

You will find this and more different templates in
the  “Downloads WordPress Templates” section that
you can find up top.


Sleek and slick.

I know that some of you actually use my themes since from some, I even get thank you
mails, and others are found on google. So, I keep doing them. I kinda like
the blueline theme I did a little while ago, but wasn’t too pleased with how
it turned out, so, I decided to make this one: Sleek

New WordPress theme

Well, I have to do something while I wait for response, and tonight
I figured that I had to do something creative to soothe my own nerves.
The result was this: blueline

Blueline. A sleek blue theme with sinus lines
showing. The background itself is static so it
will always be visible.

Use it as you wish, just leave my link at the bottom please.