Do you have a job for me?

Ok, this is starting to bug me. I have been working with tech support for almost
five years now. Count em. 5 years. I give great service, have good technical
knowledge in a large area, both when it comes to X86 pc structure aswell
as various DVB platforms. I know how to explain things so that a layman
can understand what needs to be done, and why, I can usually isolate the
problem fairly fast, and can find a solution using the sources available to me.

I can repair pretty much any PC if i just have access to spare parst, I can handle
web-based design aswell as slight modifications in code. I am a decent graphics
artist and know a few tricks when it comes to design in general.

Here comes the kicker. My voice isnt what its supposed to be.
My larynxes are damaged and I have been home for three months.
Three months of doing pretty much nothing but trying to get better.
I have a job, wich I cant go to, because at that job, I am dependant
to with my voice deliver a service in an amount that I currently
are physically unable to deliver. And it feels like crap to be honest.

Why? Well, first off, I dont want to be a burden to the company I work
for. I may not like all their little quirks, but hey, they gave me a job
right? Its called LOYALTY. Look it up. They dont have a job position
that is suited to my current voice problems.

So, right now im trying to find another job, using pretty much everything
I can think of, this blog included. I am not that picky with what that
job would be, just make it somewhat tech related. If you think that
stashing boxes containing chassis is tech related, hell. At the moment
id take that too.

It really is kinda sad because in a pure physical way, minus the larynxes,
I feel pretty good, certainly able to do physical labour (and it would only
do me good to get a chance to move about) and wanting to work, but
alas, not much there to be had.

Got a company that needs a techie? drop a comment and Ill call you back.