And it really gets me going.

A few posts back I started ranting about “Googlebrains”. Well, the more I think about it, the more the
term catches on. Think about it. What is happening with the surfing on the web? It is no longer surfing
as it was, its now “Googling” and really, you can build a new browser without an adress field, because
really, people seems to not care what a domain name is, you can now collect every single frigging
website within googles server and rename the internet to “GooglePlex” … oh shit. Dont tell google because
they will try to create it.

So, lets cancel all domain names, because they are no longer relevant as people wont use them anyhow,
and at the same time, remove creative naming, because since everything is more or less surfed on through
Google, a number based on visitors should be used, and since it doesnt really matter what number you
have because Google almighty will index this themselves in real time, you can use GoogleEngineOptimization
to get more visitors and the one that has the lowest number wins! And in reality, this too wont matter because
the 100 lowest numbers will be pornsites no matter what other people do.

People, wake up and smell the coffee!

Domain names are there for a reason, they tell you where things are located. Lets review the basics of a domain name
and what it is. Take for instance this blog. This blog has a few adresses but the most used is “”

http:// means that we are using the protocol named “hypertext transport protocol”
blog is a subdomain of the domain:
zutgorak wich is situation within the:
.se country toplevel domain.

It is even clearer if you take an e-mail adress.

Person situated at the hotmail server in the .com Generic TopLevel Domain.

Makes sense doesnt it?

When some  people “surf” they wasting time by first surfing to then
typing in, in some cases, even the correct adress that they are supposed to surf to, then
waiting for Google’s loading time, then locating the correct URL because it is not certain
that the adress that you want is the first link that shows up, then clicking on it, and ending
up at the wrong page anyhow because the link that you clicked leads to a subpage and
forced to do the same thing over again but choosing a different link, when the only thing needed
is to locate the adress bar and typing in “” where the series of X is
the adress you want to go to. Is that so hard?

We need to raise the awareness of how a webbrowser works, and more importantly, how
a search engine works and HOW TO USE IT CORRECTLY!

Enough ranting for today. Lets go.


It is the new term for people who cant think for themselves but use google for pretty much everything
and usually using it wrong! It is really really annoying to give someone a specific url, and they GOOGLE the url!
Well, you will end up at the wrong place, trust me on that one and the only thing that will happen is that the person
who is telling you the adress, will only get frustrated at your inability to understand how to use a URL.

I have, today alone, ran into several things that made me want to strangle people in general and let
me tell you, the common denominator in it all, is Google, and how people use it. Now, from how a search
engines indexing work, if you search a url, SOMETIMES you will get a link to the URL, but very often,
you will get a link to a page that mentions the URL and well….. now you have just wasted my time and
proven to me that you are 1. unable to take simple directions, and 2. that you really dont know the first
thing on how to use a webbrowser.

It has come to the point that people dont use the term “URL” or “adress” anymore, the phrasing is not “Wich
adress does that site have”, the phrase has, for some reason morphed into “How do I google that” Now, do you
want to go to the url I just gave you, or do you want to find other sites that lists the URL I gave you?

The usage of google has spiraled out of control and it seems that this in itself is actually narrowing peoples
minds instead of widening it, and frankly, it frightens me. Everything now is Google Google Google. How does my
page rank on google, how can you help me get better google rank, how can you bla bla bla google bla bla bla.
Geez Louise! Stop it already. Google is a search engine. I use it to look up things, not as a proxy to surf to sites
that I already have the target URL for!

Google is a great search engine, and their mail is good too, but seriously, from the way people are using it,
it appears that pretty soon, someone will make a religion with the commandment “Thou must always start with Google”
and I will be damned if that religion wont beat both christianity, islam and buddhism as the leading religion in the
world, just because the neverending flock of sheep that cant seem to leave google alone.

You want to use google, here is a link to you: Very useful link!

You want a tip in text? Here you go. If you know the URL, type it, if you DONT know the url, Google the sites name.