Antipiracy = terrorism?

Antipiracy = terrorism?

The torrenttracker/site swebits is down. Most of you who tend to use this site has most likely noticed
the nice sign at the door regarding first, a DDoS attack and then faulty hardware in servers abroad
wich makes it a little harder to fix.
Heres a swedish article about it:

And just like the terror organisations in middle east, out comes Henrik Ponte’n and claims responsability.
To me, its a little similar to the movie “Life of brian” and the different
liberations groups that’s there and that they all take responsability
for the actions perpetrated.

Nowhere was there any “proof” that anti piracy firms are involved in this
and despite this, Henrik alledges that “The owner of the site has gotten
nervousdue to resent events” Now, correct me if I am wrong, but
wouldn’t the correct time to be nervous be around the time of the
#spectrial where Henrik so prominently figured?

I can understand that this man is a mouthpiece and it is his job to be,
but seriously somewhere, someone will have to draw the line.

Now, Henrik, I ask you: Has anyone on the swebits team been arrested,
that was actually on that team, or simply some poor sap with the hardware
to be a good seeder?

Has there been a seizure of the actual server hardware? and the million
dollar question: Have your “team” filed a claim against Google yet?

Of course there is propaganda involved in this. Do not be mistake, this is a kind of war that is being fought online, between filesharing activists and monetary interrests and unfortunatly, the casualties in this war is freedom of speech and personal integrity.

Personal integrity has already been locked up in a dungeon and has been severly beaten, to the point
of actually be in a coma and needing life support, but sofar, freedom of speech has managed relatively
unscathed… unless you count a few anal gangrapes…

Ipred is here again……

Again, several newspaper reports that the movie companies are trying to get access to someones
Ipnumber using the IPRED law. Well, I for one think that the law really is something that shouldnt
have been passed at all, but thats just my highly personal conviction, but hey, I am entitled to
an opinion, or… pherhaps not anymore. I dislike the fact that people can request information about
me as a person. Anyhoo, these are the newspaper articles:

Aftonbladet, Svenska Dagbladet and Expressen
This time its regarding the site “Swetorrents” that apparently are using Telia as an ISP and as the
article states, this has been up before, and Telia then rejected the claim and filed an appeal. I am
guessing that Telia, as a company know that IF they hand over the IP numbers, they will also
have an exodus of customers that will be switching to other ISPs and sending their money elsewhere.
I am not surprised that the movie and music companies are still pursuing this old line because frankly,
they noticed loooong ago that the business model was slowly dying, but still they are beating the stick
at the dead horse and now try to make money by claiming that filesharing is costing them millions.

What they fail to realize tho is that one downloaded song isn’t the same as a sold single. I use spotify
for my music these days, so I am gratefully excerpt from these idiocies, but what people need to
realize is that I wouldnt pay money to hear a song that I might not like, because when I have listened
to that song once, I have broken the seal and I cant return the disc, and renting music, whoever heard
of that concept? The companies point their fingers to the younger generations and manages to push law
after law through that seriously jeopardizes the freedom of the web as we know it. Are we to be
censored soon too? Well, it sure as hell seems to be going that way. For all you swedish people out there,
let me give you a little scare with a possible vision of the future.

We now have the FRA law, wich pretty much stores whatever we send abroad for later analyzing.
Ok, all well, I can see that there is no escaping it, but, we also have nationalist and racist political
parties advancing pretty rapidly, and some of the larger political parties are OPENLY COURTING
these parties. Lets assume that a few years from now, one of these parties will gain control. It isn’t
unthinkable, and that in itself is  a scary thought, but now, suddenly, they have the possibility to
push a change on laws out, and voila, they already have the perfect tool ready to track down dissidents
and other unwanted persons, such as immigrants and similar that simply expresses their right of
communication. Oh my.

Lets take it one step further.
The common man doesnt know how to protect their privacy online, that is a fact, and since the
messages have already been stored on some server, they also contain IP number, email adress,
possibly even MAC adresses and hostnames and now, its a very slim thing to actually locate this
individual and something goes bang in the night, and this party now has one less dissident.

Does this ring a bell? It should. It has already happened before in several nations, altho THOSE
NATIONS HAVE ABOLISHED THE BLOODY THING! But ooooh, not sweden. We want to control
everything our citizens do and lord help us if we step a toe out of line. When we do, we will be labeled
as terrorists, taken by CIA agents to Egypt, who has no laws against torture, and tortured til we admit
to being both reincarnation of Buddha aswell as guilty of both world wars and that the Titanic went to
its watery grave.

The more we let private actors claim the web, the more we leave the door open to misuse, and yes
I am taking this to extremes, but thats where you HAVE to go, because if someone can think about
it, then someone can make it happen and frankly, I think that Sweden is going to hell in a handbasket
and who’s fault is that? Well, I dont want to point any fingers towards any special political side. Do you
want to know why? Thats easy. They are both guilty of these atrocities.

Tomas Bodström from the left block put the idea forward, and when they lost mandate, the
right block claimed “We wont use this to hunt down the young population of today” and pushed
the laws through. Well, you kept your word. However, you didn’t think that others would break
it for you, did you? Bloody Morons.

Verdict: Pirate Bay founders found guilty

According to Aftonbadet:
And Expressen:

In the first instance, the TPB guys was found guilty.
Now, you know what standpoint i have on these things and its really
not hard to see why. Ok, maybe these guys pushed it, but really. Did they push it?

Lets make it very hypothetical.

I start a service to host text files. Text files are generally not that large
and I feel that I can host them on my private server without too much of a problem.
I create the application for upload and indexing of the text files and people
upload them. Now, I may or may not be responsible for what users post
on that server, but i am hosting them,  so that might be a crime right?

Ok, lets take the perspective of torrents then.
I create a service, that lets users upload a minimal file, that tells
others where to find stuff. Nothing but the files that are made
by the users are stored on that server. Simple? Ok, lets push it.
My users finds out that hey … if i make that minimal file tell people
where to download movie X or song Y, we can share with the world.

Now, I am pretty much not doing anything myself. Its just my users
that are giving out the copyrighted material.  Should I be held accountable
for what thousands of other people have done? If so, can I please file a case
against Fredrik Reinfeldt, Tomas Bodström and Beatrice Ask for what
stasi and the kgb has done to the citizens in their respective country please?
I can even go to those countries and file the claim if that helps.

Someone please give me a sign that stupidity isnt that spread.

Hold the phone!

Thats just it. It is what they want us to do.
Obviously the governments have gone on one hell
of a bender, and its not on booze, its on power.

And believe me its a powertrip waaaay out of proportion
and its making lucy in the sky with diamonds seem like
Lisa on the yard with marbles. Store ALL types of communication
traffic?!? What are people on about? Ok, they wont store
the ACTUAL conversations, always a small plus, I guess
but they will save who talked to whom on what occasion
and this information will be saved and readily accessible
for the police and the security police.

How about we paint a little scenario that actually MIGHT happen
seeing how things are right going right now.

Its 20 years into the future and the large political parties
that once was, has been run over by xenophobic rightwing
racist parties and they are now confident that since they
can please the masses with trinkets, they will stay in power.

Of course the left wing people will try to organize meetings
and some form or resistance, passive or otherwise. Lets face
it. There are extremist in both factions, neither one better
then the other in my opinion.

But, the rascists decides that since there is actually a LAW
that states all traffic going between persons will be saved
they will use it to do something about the whole thing.

They find someone who is a known leftwing sympathizer and
starts to trace his calls, they sort through their contacts
and sift away numbers that goes to customer services and
such, they remove the numbers for various government instances
such as social services. They also remove all numbers that goes
to “legit” companies. Whats left is investigated. Like a spider
in the web, they gain more and more names that can be put
under surveillance without those people even knowing what is
going on, and as the leaders grow more and more terrified
of their populace, they decide to take action.

Thousands of people becomes charged with Conspiration to
damage the nations interrests and its citizens.

Since the jails are already full and that sentance is
already close enough to treason, the fastest option
is to pass the sentance for treason, and revitalize
the capital punishment. Problem solved.

Now, people dont know why this happened, why their loved
ones was taken away and put down, so naturally a new
leftwing is born, to avenge their loved ones, and
the circle starts again.

This is a worst case scenario, but what our “dearest leaders”
(Yes, im using the north-korean meaning) fail to see, is that

You cant sit around and say “that can never happen” because
it can. Noone in their right mind believed that a few germans
would be guilty of genocide when they let Adolf Hitler play
into politics.

Noone belived that MILLIONS would be killed just because
a friendly looking man was set into the chairman position
in the russian communist party. And before you even think
to open your mouth about me being biased, let me tell you
where I stand.

I have no political direction. I am not leftwing, nor
am I rightwing. I vote for the party that has most stand
points that I can stand for and at the same time
has the LEAST amounts of points that I dislike.

You want to hear the sad part? The sad part is that
right now, the only party that has more standpoints
FOR then AGAINST is a minority party that I do hope
can make a difference, but sadly, still is too small
to make a major impact. Of course the example above
could be exactly the opposite factions and it would still
gall me that such a possibility has come to pass.

I might not be a great thinker like Voltaire, but really
this WILL suppress the free speech. Not by brute force but
by fear. People will fear talking openly using communications
channels that up until now has been remotely free.

There has to be a way to unseat this sitting government in
a way that has a lawful support. Demanding a new election
pherhaps? But is there anyone around here that knows how
to get that come to pass in sweden? If so, please
share so we can start a movement.

Oh, a sidenote, since all datatraffic is being monitored
once it goes abroad, I know that big brother is reading
this everytime someone reads my blog and I am pretty sure
that the text I publish are amusing at most to those that
sift through that traffic, I hope you have some happy

For those that feel that you want to know what the new
law entails, here it is, translated to english for you:

This information will be stored:
  Regarding telephony:
  Calling number
  The number that has been dialed and who the the call was routed
  Information regarding subscriber and registered user
  Date and traceable time when the communication started and ended
  the service that has been used and endingpoints.
Regarding Cellular Telephony, on top of above mentioned,
this will be stored:
  Dialers subscribing identity and phoneidentity 
  Recievers subscribing indentity and phoneidentity
  localizationinformation for the communications start and and,
  aswell as date, traceable time and localization information for
  the first activation of prepaid anonymous service
Regarding internet telephony, on top of the parts of regular
telephony this will be stored:

  Callers IP adresses
  Receivers IP adresses

Regarding message handling (such as e-mail and SMS) the
following will be stored:

  Senders and receivers message adresses
  Subscriber information and registered user
  Date and time for logon and logoff in the messaging system
  Date and traceable time for send and recieve of the message aswell
  as the type of service used and traceable time for the usage.
Regarding internet access, the following will be  stored:

  users IP-adresses
  Subscribers identity and registered user
  Date and traceable time for logon and logoff in the internet service
  Type of connection used aswell as endpoints.

Regarding services that supply capacity for transferring IP packets to gain
internet access, the following will be stored:

  Subscribers information
  Wich type of capacity that has been used aswell as traceable time for
  usage aswell as endpoints.

So….. anyone else getting KGB and STASI vibes from this?
I sure as hell do.