Why? (A ranters confessions on IPRED and FRA)

In a mail today I got a little comment. “Why are you againstbig-brother-is-watching-you
the ipred law, are you one of those pirates?”

Well, maybe I am, maybe I’m not. That really isn’t what my
ranting is about, what I am going on about is the fact
that the swedish government has shown a complete and utter
blatant disregard for peoples wishes, integrity and privacy.

You see, before IPRED and FRA, you needed a suspicion to
be under scrutiny from authorities, and frankly, that was
OK with me. If there was a strong suspicion that I was
engaged in anything that was not right according to law
I was put under the spotlight and my comings and goings
might be logged. All well and good. However, the government
has decided that every single one of us is a potential
terrorist and lawbreaker, so, why not just treat everyone
in the fashion applicable. I wouldn’t say jack about the
law if it was ONLY those that are engaged in something that
can be placed in the range of illegal, terrorism, trafficing
etcetera, but why on earth slap the entire nations face
straight off and yell “You are a suspect, we are watching
you” right into its ear? I just dont understand it, and
really, I cannot support it.

In regards of the IPRED law, where the copyright holders
can ask the ISP’s to deliver logs on who had what IP number
at a certain time, well, to me that reaks of corruption.
What you need, is pretty much logs, to ask out an IPnumbers
leaser, and you can sue that person for a gazillion dollars
unless he pays a small fee directly. This will then be
enforced by the vultures known as company lawyers that
wont hesitate for a second to pick you down to your bones.
In my previous post I took 5 minutes to create FAKE logs
that looks just as real as any other screenshot or log
and that was five minutes of my time, and I covered two
different protocols, the popular Bittorrent, and the old
FTP protocol and showed how easy it was to get what in
some cases are related to as evidence.

In an even older post, this one:  Ipred, Dollars and Businessmodel
I show what happens when companies gets to take a huge chunk
out of the legal systems. Suing grandmothers for sharing gangsta rap
and even suing DEAD people for filesharing. You heard me. DEAD
people are supposedly sitting on the net, on some DC hub and
spreading gangsta rap to all the little wannabe gangstas around the
world. Sheesh.

So now, we have these hobby police that doesnt really care for
your economy, situation, or even if you even committed what
they claim for, because their mistress is named Profit and whoooo
boy is she a mean one. You either help Profit grow, or become
the slave to her watchdog, Unemployment.

Now, I am not saying that these laywers are the bad persons
in here, they are after all, only representing the companies
that keeps the leashes tight around their necks and whisper
toxic statements into their ears but really. It has to stop, and
stop soon.

I know its a horror scene, but at the rate things are going
I am pretty sure that soon, you will find government employment
as mail opener, as peeping tom and snitch.

The government eyes what we  do, they read everything we wite
and listens to every single thing we say, as long as we are not doing
it face to face, and who knows, maybe even then. I really really
feel that some slight paranoia is not unjustified in this case.

Just because you cannot see them, doesn’t mean that they are not
out to get you.