Ok, in the neighbourhood where I live there is some extensive restoration
going on for the sewage system. The entire stem is going to be replaced.
Yay, great. But really. Every day now for a week, there has been this huge pump
running pretty much outside my window. It starts at 8 sharp and runs til
16:00 sharp and it makes the whole building I reside in vibrate. Ok, vibration
can be good at times if you catch my drift, but NOT when you have a 1 and a half
year old little tyke that needs to have his lunch nap.

His lunchnap is a respite to me and the longer it is, the better for me, because
that means I can concentrate on fixing some snack for him, take it easy and just
relax for myself at times. As much relaxation that is possible with that noise.

I dont mind the reparations, but WHY oh WHY do they need to make such
an infernal racket?