Politics, politics and politics. (Survey inside)

buggingYou all know the drill. When I start
to talk about politics, there is usually
a rant in the making and this time is
no different then the previous ones.

Most of you have read my thoughts
in regard if the FRA and IPRED laws
and knows my standpoint. If not
click HERE

It’s really  not that complicated to
understand that: Yes, I want artists
to get paid and NO, I do not think the
government has anything to do with
my inbox or sent box.

Pherhaps they do, but I dislike the
fact that now, you need NO SUSPICION
WHATSOEVER to start what was previously frown upon.

Due to these laws, the swedish PiratPartiet has gained a large following and what they
are going on about is the issues of integrity and privacy online, and really, I agree
with the party in that matter, but there are some other parts that I dislike about it
but hey, thats my personal point of view, on with the show here before I sidetrack.

Due to that massive influx of members to the pirate party some of the other political
parties are doing what political parties do best. Lie and fish for votes using outright
fabrications, deceptions and of course, smooth talking. This has always been
the recipy for success for them, even though it is old and most people have
long since lost any respect for the established parties for many different matters.

What is commonly called the “labour party” here in sweden, Socialdemokraterna
is now doing a turncoat. Just last week they released a report and the initial lines
was these, but in swedish: “We are growing deeply concerned about the increased
effect for integrity and legal security that is being implemented in a rapid pace.”

This can be read in this article:

So… lets make connect some dots here.
The man who instigated this hysteria when it came to read everyones loveletters
and political messages via email was, and forever will be: Tomas Bodström.
Now, Tomas, Mona and the rest of you, feel free to correct me if I am wrong
here but isnt Tomas a prominent member of Socialdemokraterna.

I am pretty sure that was the case when he actually handed over the proposition
that started all of this. Later on, Fredrik Rheinfeldt and his league of extraordinarie
wealthy and tax-evaders came along and saw that “Hmm, I bet we can get some
money out of this” and clubbed the proposition through, and now Sweden is
about as guarded as old Soviet or Germany when it was under STASI surveillance.

So, I ask you these questions:

With those questions out of the way, lets continue.

Göran Färm, from the labour party stated this idiocy:
“When these desicions where made, there where good reasons for them,
but now we see how many different propositions they really are.
This report is a signal that we as “Socialdemokrater”(labour party members)
in the parlament is actually ready to rethink our previous standpoints.”

Oh, come on. You my friend, are fishing for votes and both you, me and the
people know it. You are no longer a party that can be trusted with issues
on personal integrity, privacy and pretty much ANYTHING that can be
of interrest to multinational companies.

Who should my vote go to if the election was today?
Ok, I will give you a hint. the pirate party has an issue that
is very dear to me, and well, that would be my vote. Either that
or I should vote NO to drive on the right side of the road.

Come on politicians. I am a voter. Find something that can sway me,
because right now, you established parties have only managed to
spit on my privacy, now, when its dried, you want to cover it
with some makeup, that will flake and fall away after the election.