Immigration issues

Lets discuss immigration, thats one of those things
that generally creates a nice buzz around the block.
Are you for or against?

Well, personally im neither really. I just dont care.
Because, if someone comes into my country and says
Hello, I need help. I am poor, im being abused
by my government, and under constant threat of
death/assault/torture if i ever return, I really
cant see any chance of saying no.

Its a humanitarian thing i guess, but more and more
these days people have been drawn to the racism side
of things and frankly, I think its ugly. Sure, here
and there, there are more then enough immigrants
and not everyone of them good, but reflect on this
one for a second before you go grab your combat
boots and shave your head. There are many of those
immigrants that are used to work long hours for
short pay even though they have a very high level
of education. I have a few examples, but the best
one I have had sofar is actually that of a cleaner
at one of my old schools.

He came from Iran in the time when ayatollah(sic?)
khomeini was in power in Iran and was having a pretty
nasty bone he felt he had to pick with Saddam Hussein.
Ok, so, most people did at those days, but most people
cant force thousands of people to join the army.
This man, who walked around the school swinging his
mop was actually a surgeon. Hello! He took the
cleaning job to support his family and to get out
of the welfare system. Doing just the opposite
thing that most neo-nazis claim ALL immigrants
do. Sit at home collecting welfare while laughing
at the system.

Lets take a little time to think here. How many
of you know a caucasian friend that was born and
raised in the country that you are in, who more
or less always is out of a job and constantly lives
on welfare, using and abusing the system because
its easy to do so, and takes no effort.
Come on, raise your hands please.
I am raising both…..

Very often immigrants are removed as applicants
to a job, motivation: We are not sure they speak
our language well enough, or simlpy, we want a
person who has habits that we know and understand.
Ok, that is discriminating, and both me and those
bosses know it, but if we are not forced to meet
the person eye to eye, it can never be proven.
Here comes the kicker. I am positive that some
of the bad apple immigrants will file a report
to the discrimination offices, just because
they didnt get the job. Do you see the irony here

We are doing to them, exactly what we claim not
to be doing, and they are in extent furtering
the racism and discrimination agains their own
kind by not accepting a rejection.

Im guessing that its about now that people will
ask “Are you one of those racists that isnt
open with it, but goes around like a hypocrite?”
To be honest. That is not my call, I would
like to hope not though.

Anyhoo, many of those rotten apples that destroy
the reputation fur the hard working and upright
immigrants gets to stay, but then, some who really
really needs to stay gets forced out of the country.
Why? Because something in the “big book of rules”
say so.

Current example: Lollo. A girl with mixed heritage.
Croatian and Gypsy (sorry people, I dont know the
correct term for “romer” in english, please leave
a comment and ill correct it. She is 17 years old
has spent 12 of those in sweden waiting for an
arbitrator to decide if she can stay or not. During
this time she has recieved death threats from her
father VIA her boyfriend!! Why the deaththreats?
Well, she has been under constant physical abuse
from above mentioned father and she wont go into
a forced marriage that her father arranged.

To me, its a right to choose whoever I wish to be
with. I dont want to be shoved towards someone
and say here, heres your new spouse. What the

Her father has stated that since she wont agree
to his terms, he will beat her to death or at least
kill her. And swedens government is gonna oblige
HIM by willingly sending her daughter back to him.
Hows that for a welcoming society?

I am skipping about quite a lot here, but its
morning and I am tired.

One of the reasons that immigrants and others dont
interract as much as they could, is the languagebarrier.
Some people here will debate endlessly that there
are “Swedish For Immigrants” and if they only paid
attention in that class, they would learn. Lets make
a few parallels here. How many YEARS have you spent
learning english? I spent at least 12 years doing that.
Are you confident enough in your skills to move to
an english speaking country now and interract with
the locals? Some of you are, but there is a huge
difference between one of the largest languages
in the world and, lets say, swahili. Wich is not taught
at schools as a regular thing. On top of that, have
you actually BEEN to an SFI class…. I have.

I cant say that I am impressed. Here we have these
people that have all the chances in the world to be
learning and what are they doing? They are having
a goddamned coffeeparty in the classroom while they
alternate between their native language and tries
to talk swedish.

On top of that, we bunch them together in different
areas, but those areas are generally shunned by the
swedes. Örebro has some good examples.
Varberga, Vivalla, Baronbackarna and Brickebacken.
All four areas have a very high immigrant percentage
and of course they wont develop their swedish skills
when they dont have to, or, are not integrated into
the society we have, but are forced to more or less
create their own.

We need to start thinking how to get everyone on the
boat, not how to build one man rafts just to get over
the stream.

Ill stop right here. I could go on forever about this
but it seems kind of pointless, most of you already
know the hopeless situation by heart. At least we can
do something about the situation in our country by
simply voting. What are the refugees gonna do?