Spam Sandwich

Ok, I host my own blog, and a few others to be honest just because I want to
and to tell the truth, my users do not demand much from me. It’s really a good
way of getting connections, setting their blog up and trick it out some with
a custom theme, but you know what. There is a dark cloud behind blogging
that I want to talk about. The spammers. You know who they are, they are
the equivalent of the shifty guy in the ally that goes “psst, hey buddy, you looking
for some stuff?”

Today alone, heres what I am offered:
Rimonabant, Ativan, Ciprofloxacin, Atorvastatin, Adipex, Finasteride, Viagra and Anavar.

Now, the ONLY substance there that I recognize is Viagra, and frankly, Im not interrested.
If I get some cancer form that hinders me to perform or, in 25-30 years or more, then come
back, but right now, just leave me alone please. The spammers are kind of like locusts really.
They find a URL, add it to a list so that all their other little friends can come and shower us
with things that we dont want or need, just to make us go to this or that URL.
Now, IF I needed Viagra, I would go see a doctor. Now that I dont, well, lets face it, I
have a hard time to picture viagra as a recreational drug or whatever they call cannabis
on the other side of the atlantic.

In a way, the spammers also amuse me. I have never ever gone to one of the URLs that they
have left behind, either as link hidden in their name, or even one thats waaay out in the
open. I see no point in them because if I click that link, I justify their way if leaving
manure in my comment box. And I have of course, never ever approved their comments
to be visible on the blog. So why do they persist? Well, the explanation to that is pretty
much the same as the compulsive gambling. If I gamble enough, I might get the money
back. The problem with the spammers are, They do. Gullible people click their links
and voila, the circle starts again. Someone, we have to get rid of this pest, dont you think.

Oh my.. now im also offered breast implants in the mail … …. tempting but.. no thank you.

Maybe I shouldnt have written this post, because now, the spammers are really
taking it up another notch. Oh well .. installing captcha might help 😛