Sticky corporate fingers

Apparently, something is rotten in the state of sweden. Tomas Norström
seeing as this man, Thomas Norström, who was the
judge in the TPB case has pretty close connections to
the media industry.

Close enough to be called challenge. Close enough
to be challenged. According to Aftonbladet, one of the
larger swedish newspapers he is a member of SFU,
Svenska Föreningen för upphovsrätt wich translates to
Swedish association for copyright. Other prominent
members there are Henrik Ponte’n, the laywer for
swedish anti piracy bureau and Monique Wadsted
the laywer for thecopyrightowners in the case.

Furthermore, Tomas is a member of SFIR wich is
Svenska föreningen för industriellt rättskydd, translated to
Swedish Association for industrial justiceprotection
(i know this isnt entirely correct, sorry in advance) wich works
for strenghtened copyright rules.

Rikard Falkvinge, The president of the pirate party  states: ” This is corruption
on an intolerable level” in a press release.

Peter Sunde och Peter Althin Now, The lawyer for Peter Sunde, Peter Althin
is demandingthe trial be either discarded or
redone due to these facts.

Of course, Tomas Nordström states that he
did not think there was a challenge in his
positions in these places.

So, did we, once again, we find the sticky
fingerprints of greedy companies in the
justice system?

What do you think?