Blogs and web

Why do I blog?

Why am I so fascinated with various
IT topics? Well. My guess is that really
that it’s a will to learn new things really.

I am not a coder by any stretch of
imagination, I do however enjoy design
a lot, and to see something completed
is a marvel. However, a blog is never
completed, is it? I mean, I use it to vent
my frustration, sorrows and bad times
aswell as share my good times and findings.

I also do it because I like to see things
evolve. My blog is sort of a child to me. I can see it grow, and every thing I
do adds up to a whole that can make people reflect. The more people think for
themselves, the happier I am.

So, why using a blog as a medium for venting thoughts? Well, there are a
multitude of reasons. First off theres the technical parts. It is a lot easier
to update a blog then it is to update a static website and of course, there are
easier to pass the words around using different ping services. Second, well,
I really enjoy writing.  So much that I have thought about writing a book,
but lets face it. Who would want to read a book that I wrote?

Third, well, I could shout from the rooftops instead about how I see the world
but that could generate in either three or all three things:
1: I get taken for a loon and hauled to the asylum.
2: I fall down from the roof.
3. I generate a crowd that wants me to jump.

so, there you have it. It is a lot more complex then that, but
this will suffice til I have a better reason.