War on terror

That phrase has been around for quite a while, dont you think?
But, here’s the kicker. Aren’t the western world acting like terrorists
when we invade other peoples lands? I would think so. Think about
it for a while, some country who has a different belief, and those that
are fanatics in your land decides that god, leader or whoever should
be “punished” and commands his followers to commit a random atrocity
and of course, that atrocity is carried out, there are always morons who
will go along with just about anything if its in the right mix of religion,
glory and fanaticism.

Now that country decides that the act has to be punished, so we take over
their land, damaging property, civilians and the like, placing it in the “collateral
damage” folder. It is after all a justified war, a war justified by “they shot first”.

Correct me if I am wrong, but we never accepted that as an apology from
our kids when they have been in a scuffle.

So, what is the deal with all this fighting?

Ok, I am not that well versed in the Qur’an and neither am I a die hard christian
to say the least. BUT here’s a little kicker, and please correct me if I am wrong.
Both The Qu’ran and the Bible states that you should go out and spread the message
and try to convert the belief into everyone you meet. Now, It’s very hard to accept
a new faith when it was placed in you together with a 5.56 slug.

I believe that Marx was partially right when he said  “Religion is the Opiate for the people”
but I think it is also the biggest excuse man has ever had to wage war that in the
bottom line was about land, power, money or plain and simple spite.
I do not believe that ANY deity stated “Those who dont believe in me should be
brutally murdered, and oh, while you are doing that, get as many bystanders
as you can.” So in my view of the world, that would make most religious leaders
into hypocrites, or “Munafiq”, if that is your preferrence. I am aware that some
people will regard this little post as proof that I am one aswell, and maybe I am
but neither you nor I have the right to decide that. That is to the powers that

I am a secular man. I do not actively support ANY religion. And I guess that
makes me into a sinner, an infidel and whatnot, but at least I am so with
an open heart. I do not hide the fact that I dont actively believe or practice
but I let whatever diety in existance judge me when the time comes. If indeed
there is a god, he will judge me as is probably his right to do, be his or her name
Jahve, Allah, Kali or whatever!

We cant abolish ALL religions, and we sure as hell cant force a religion
into our fellow men, because as almost ALL religions state, we have a soul
that cant be touched by others then the deity of choice. And if that deity
havent touched the soul of the fellow man, who are we to force that man
or woman to become a liar in the eyes of the following deity?

Aren’t the perpetrators of the forcing really sinners in the eyes of the deity
for trying to say that the deity isnt good enough? Or is it once again, the
struggle to gain power, wealth and recognition?

You be the judge of it all.

P.S No alarm words this time.