Sticky corporate fingers

Apparently, something is rotten in the state of sweden. Tomas Norström
seeing as this man, Thomas Norström, who was the
judge in the TPB case has pretty close connections to
the media industry.

Close enough to be called challenge. Close enough
to be challenged. According to Aftonbladet, one of the
larger swedish newspapers he is a member of SFU,
Svenska Föreningen för upphovsrätt wich translates to
Swedish association for copyright. Other prominent
members there are Henrik Ponte’n, the laywer for
swedish anti piracy bureau and Monique Wadsted
the laywer for thecopyrightowners in the case.

Furthermore, Tomas is a member of SFIR wich is
Svenska föreningen för industriellt rättskydd, translated to
Swedish Association for industrial justiceprotection
(i know this isnt entirely correct, sorry in advance) wich works
for strenghtened copyright rules.

Rikard Falkvinge, The president of the pirate party  states: ” This is corruption
on an intolerable level” in a press release.

Peter Sunde och Peter Althin Now, The lawyer for Peter Sunde, Peter Althin
is demandingthe trial be either discarded or
redone due to these facts.

Of course, Tomas Nordström states that he
did not think there was a challenge in his
positions in these places.

So, did we, once again, we find the sticky
fingerprints of greedy companies in the
justice system?

What do you think?

Social and economical politics.

Sounds like a heavy, brooding subject, does it not? Well, it’s really not that hard thing
in this case. I just want make you think for yourself as usual. Today, the internet is
a fairy free thing and we can surf pretty much where we want, and it doesnt cost
us more then the subscription. That might change and according to some people, that
is a good thing. You should have to pay for everything. Funny, I thought I already did
but thats beside the point. Now, in sweden we have the FRA scanning all datatraffic going
abroad, meaning MOST of all the internet traffic. So, no privacy there. Then, we have
the media companies sniffing around the internet trying to pick up potential pirates
regardless of where im surfing, since, to get to the point where they can indentify me
they have to have read my datatraffic. Interresting? Where will this end?

Anyhow, back on track some. Sweden has a political freedom and a freedom of speech
that has been moderated and are more and more getting torn asunder from companies
greed, and the need to “keep a proper face” seems to override the fact that it is every
mans right to be politically active in WHATEVER POLITICAL PARTY HE FANCIES. That goes
for both LEFT AND RIGHT wings. Im not saying either side deserves a bigger break, im stating
that they should BOTH have rights. I may not enjoy the policies, but according to swedish
laws, they have a right to voice them, at least to an extent.

Now, people are starting to be afraid to mention their political branch. Why? Well, its
pure and simple economy and social status. There was a good example a few months
back of what companies can do. Some it guy in Örebro got FIRED for having discussions
about his sympaties with the pirate party. Now, the company stated “his views was not good for
the company’s image. Now, hows that for job security. So what will happen? With this
open neglect for the personal integrity that has walked all over us? Well, if you can stand
to read some Swedish, here’s a treat. Lisa Magnusson at Aftonbladet has picked together
a little story of what might happen when “the taliban law of telecom” gets passed. Trust me
it wont make a lick of difference what we, the actual people want, since the politicians
are either A: watching their own asses, or B: taking “gift” money from the record industry.
Here is the link to the story in any case :

Lisa Magnusson om EU:s telekompaket och framtidens internet

Now, really.. Can someone stop the hysteria train, because I for one dont want to voice my political
views, because at the rate things are going now, In a few years I will most likely be arrested by the RIAAPTF
(Recording industries association of america’s Police Task Force) and hauled to the deepest dungeon
until I agree to write their propaganda instead of protesting against laws in one of the few ways I can.

Too all you other critics of the Telecom law.. We can all sing kubayah together in our cell in 10-20 years.