The power of blogs or…..lack thereof

How much power does the average blogger have? What can I as
a blogger do about situations in the world and what political goals
can I achieve simply by writing? Very good questions really and it
really isn’t the blogger that changes things. It is his readers.

I dont aspire to be a great thinker, however I am a FREE thinker,
in the effect that I ventilate what I feel and think and if people read
it and agrees, well, that really only generates a sense of satisfaction
in me, not a powertrip. I am not going to give you a “Hey, look at me
im one of the most read blogs on the net” because A: that would be
pure lying, and B: That would be neither here nor there because
I dont create opinions that matters that much. What I write, I
write as much for my own amusement as that of my readers.

I could go on for hours about bloggers that gets invited to this
and that show, as if simply by reflecting opinions and gossip makes
them into great political leaders. I honestly dont think so. I would
rather read about personal issues then Perez Hiltons latest drivel
or blondinbellas favourite makeup. Am I alone in this opinion or
is it really something that people want?