Pedophiles out in the open

I do detest some people more then others. 1
Look at this image. Looks kind of harmless
wouldn’t you say? I think so too, a father
playing with his kid. Nothing important.

Until you realize that this image in particular
is used by individuals that wants to legalize
sexual relations with children!

You heard me correct. Legalize pedophilia.
How can anyone even think of such a thing?

Here is the groups own words:
We believe that the abuse of children would not happen if people could get an outlet
for their neverending love of children on the same terms as the children, without
having to resort to threats and violence.

We do not wish to hurt anyone, but when we live in a society that allows transvestites
and zoophilia, then it is absurd that a healthy relationship between an adult and a child
is forbidden.

One of the reasons that this subject has become taboo is because of how we raise
our children. Parents constantly tells their children to stay away from other adults.
This fills them with an irrational fear for something they really know nothing about.
We in this group stand for a more liberal view in the relationship between adults and child.

See this group as a protestlist for those of use who will not stay silent any longer.
Let the children be free and decide what to do with their own bodies.
I found this article here:

What the hell?!? They say it themselves. “Something that children know nothing about”
So, if we raise our kids to believe that its ok for adults to satisfy their sexual needs
using the child, the child wont  suffer trauma? I really really really dont think that
type of logic is applicable here.

The even stranger part is that this group has over 80000 members.
I am VERY sure that some of them just interpreted the groups title
to be a group to PREVENT SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN but instead
they wound up as members of a pedophile group. So sad that people
do not read before clicking “Join”

Seeing someone who was sexually abused as a child and to see their
pain when they talk about it, it is horrible. And the few that I have actually
talked to regarding this matter say the same thing. “I didn’t know”

A child is innocent, and should stay that way until the child itself is ready
to loose the innocence for the adults views on sexuality, not be lured
into it at a tender age.

I can understand that pedophilia is a sexual preference that you do not
choose, but you can choose to supress that sexuality, just like so many
gay men and women have supressed their sexuality to avoid persecution
for years. You, as an adult choose to excersize or abstain from a sexual
preference that harms the development of another human being.

If you cant, then seek help, because, what you are doing is destroying
lives. Not just of the child in question, but the childs family. The father
and mother will take the blame for the childs misfortune of running into
one such as yourself.

Lets tie the bag here shall we, because if we dont, I will rant on for hours
and I really dont feel that it would serve any purpose.

Sexuality in all its glory is great, and can be a wonderful source of joy
and pleasure, if used with common consent. If one partner is not aware
of your intentions, or know what those intentions means, it will never
be common consent.

To all you Homosexual, Bisexual, Transsexual, Heterosexual whateversexuals
Good on you. Have fun, Have sex, use condoms to prevent yourself and your

To all of you that has a sexual preference that harms other people (unless its
within mutual, common consent) Seek help. You will need it. You either
seek help, or wind up in isolation wards at jail sooner or later.

To all you facebook users who are actually members of this group. I
sincerely hope that you missed reading what the group was about
when joining.

It appears that the group is now removed on facebook