Politics without solutions

On what does one base an application for political
asylum? Think about it. Even globally, software and
hardware downloads are increasing, and the companies
that hunts them are being more and more ruthless

What REALLY scares me is that the governments makes
more and more laws that are digging in deep into
the integrity of their citizens just because of one
single thing. Money. The RIAA has got more funding
then a lot of countries has BNP, and still they are
claiming that they are not making enough. Fine.

Now just to make you a little view on why I am
fuming about money and the record industry.

This month, there was a court session regarding
a very well known artist. Björn Ulvaeus, one of
the men in the once HUGE band ABBA. Now, he
has on numerous occasions thundered in media regarding
the shameful acts of downloading songs, because that
is stealing money from him. Ok, I can see why
he would be a little miffed. Im not sure that he
gets that much per song, but seeing how big
ABBA used to be, there has to have been a lot
of downloads that he hasnt gotten the royalties
for. That might be a few 100 thousand SEK.

BUT here comes the kicker. He got an 85 MILLION
SEK TAX REFUND! 85 frigging millions is a lot more
then he would ever be able to spend if he just
saved it. I mean, seriously. The interrest alone
is a lot more from any bank then what a standard
student/wageslave does in a year.

So, ok. jealousy is not a commendable trait, I know
that but I will never ever even get HALF of what
this man got as a tax refund, much less in savings.
Is it so wrong of me to enjoy art in various ways,
to be able to listen, hear and feel the feelings
that he once tried to give the world anew?

Musicians starts with music for pretty much 3 reasons
1. The money
2. Share the art
3. Become famous.

But for some reason, when they achieved number 3
the first takes precedence and becomes all compassing.
They are famous and richer then trolls sleeping on troves
of gold, yet they grasp for more. Jealousy isn’t a commendable
trait, but Greed is one of the seven deadly sins.

Now the world is coming to : You want beauty, you need cash
You aint got cash, you aint getting art.

So now I want to ask political asylum from whatever nation
doesnt dance to the tunes of the lobbyists that wants to
restrain entertainment and art so hard that it chokes
on the money that they cant digest.